Creating a Landing Page that Improves Sales

Any internet marketing strategy is successful only when it results in an actual conversion and boosts sales.

A common mistake made with internet marketing by many a business is to focus only on finding targeted traffic. But, only when this traffic is led to a well-designed landing page does a sale or conversion take place. The fact is you need a landing page that converts – this is why copywriting matters.

Sadly, most landing pages do not inspire sales or conversions of any kind. The page may be fancy, graphics-heavy, colorful, or glitzy. But these factors do not guarantee that visitors will be impressed enough to become customers. In this case, consider hiring professional copy writing services to write the right content for your landing page for it to be effective and truly improve sales.

On the contrary, simple pages usually enjoy the greatest conversions. This is because a landing with a simple and clear design lets the visitor:

• quickly assimilate what’s on the landing page
• find what he needs without delay
• clearly see how to go about the next steps, i.e. buy or sell or give information.

Finally, it adds up to a successful conversion and a happy customer who is likely to come back.


So, how do you design a landing page that converts? What are some copy rules to keep in mind to design an effective landing page?


First, a strong call to action is a must-have for a good landing page. The headline or welcome statement of the page should be highly relevant to the product you are selling. It should have two main components – a) outline a problem that your visitor is likely to have, (b) present your product or service as the solution. Some sites also use another effective headline: state a key feature of the product or say how the visitor can benefit from it. The headline should also introduce the theme of the website.

Commitment to your landing page claims is a critical factor in boosting conversions. Imagine that you have a headline stating that customers will get free iPhones on sign-up. Option 1, you fulfill this commitment in reality and give away iPhones to all and sundry. Option 2, you tell people about the conditions that apply after they sign up so that you can avoid giving out iPhones yet grab ‘customers’. Option 3 you can be honest with the reader and state on the landing page that a 5-year subscription to your magazine will be rewarded with a free iPhone. Which do you think will earn you the trust and loyalty of your visitors and still be viable?

Direct communication with the visitor is another key characteristic of a good landing page. Talk about what you/ your business/ product can do for the reader. Use impactful words like ‘you’ and ‘your’ instead of ‘we’ and ‘our’. For example, an interior decorating firm can replace “We design beautiful interiors for you at economical prices” to “Create your dream home and save money too. Call us now!” The visitor immediately sees how he stands to benefit and he is prompted to action too.