4 Copywriting Tips to Build Credibility and Boost Sales

Copywriting is not as easy as you might think. You have to showcase your company, its products, and services in a good light while not sounding like a robot. In other words, copywriters or copywriter services have the task of sounding professional and personal at the same time and as you may have guessed, it isn’t the easiest to accomplish. Complicated business jargon combined with a monotonous flow is the easiest way to drive customers away. Other than the tone and the wording, there are many other aspects to focus on. Let’s take a look at some of them below:

  • The perfect landing

Assuming that you’ve shared links to your website on social media and other sites, you have to master the art of creating a landing page. This page is the first glimpse the reader gets into your company and it has to be perfect. Everything from the background to the text on this page has to evoke positive reactions from visitors and make them click onto the next pages. The landing page is the perfect place to showcase your company’s Unique Selling Proposition (USP) aka what sets your company apart from everyone else in your niche or industry. The USP is usually only 1- 2 lines so coming up with the right one can be difficult. The landing page can also have the company slogan on it.

  • Create value

Visitors that land on your site are there for a reason – they are interested in what you’re offering. This doesn’t mean that your website has to be a long-form sales pitch. Instead, focus on delivering quality information to your readers. For example, if you are creating a website for an e-commerce site, you can add little tidbits about the products on sale. In this case, the landing page will focus on USP while the remainder of the website focuses on the products. Adding long paragraphs of unnecessary information is not necessary. On the flip side, if you’re creating content for a data solution website then the home page will need to have a paragraph or two providing a good introduction for the product. You can go into detail about the services you offer in other sections of the site.

  • Focus on the benefits

So many copywriters make the mistake of assuming that features and benefits are the same things. It is important to differentiate between the two – the features are a description of the product/solution you offer while benefits explain to the user, what you can do to help them. The latter matters the most and your copy should focus on it. Telling customers the positive impact your company can have on their daily lives is more important than listing the specs of your products. Sometimes, you can even combine the two to highlight both features and benefits. An example of this would be “Our new product XYZ can greatly improve loading times so you can deliver results quickly”.

  • Incorporating social media

Social media is now an integral part of business and what you write on social media will reflect on your company. Ad revenues and social shopping are growing rapidly and the copy you create for this has to be optimized in order to trend and become viral. On social media, the content you create has to be personalized and be completely free of grammatical errors. Much like the landing page, social media gives you very limited characters for creating an impression. Visual content is a must for social media but make sure to most good pictures. General stock photos will only get you so far. Visual content also includes infographics, videos, GIFs, and memes. Make use of all of these to provide users with a good experience.

Copywriting is not a one-time task, it requires constant feedback and constant tweaks. Outdated websites with slow loading speeds are sure to turn users away. Keep in mind that you are creating content for your customers so view your copy from their perspective – that will make all the difference to the copywriting importance and its effectiveness. Test runs with a limited crowd are great for getting valuable feedback and you can test both long and short copies. Getting a good strategy in mind for creating your website’s copy will provide a serious boost for your company.

Image: Designed by Freepik