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5 Landing Page Copy Rules That Every Brand Should Follow

Every legitimate business website has a landing page that is meant to entice readers into navigating the site further. A user that just bounces off the page is not valuable for your business. Like the rest of your website copy, the content has to be informative but it has to be concise (2-3 sentences max). Keeping this simple principles in mind when creating copy will take you/your business a long way:

  • Keep it concise

Put yourself in the shoes of the customer – you click on a website and you’re suddenly bombarded with information or worse, there’s barely anything there – would you be satisfied? Most likely not. The key is to provide important information using the least number of words. The copy on the landing page should consist of a brief introduction of your services along with 1-2 USPs. All of this has to be presented using powerful words that invoke emotions in the reader. Bland copy is not effective in the least.

  • Proof of excellence

Excellence might be strong word, but the user has to believe that the your brand produces quality work and excellent services. Businesses can showcase this by using logos of famous or relatively big brands that they have worked with before. Make it a note to take their permission before using their logos. Follow this up with one-line statements about your achievements. For example, “have 1,000,00+ subscribers!” is something that could turn a reader into a potential buyer.

  • Customer Testimonials

Talking about yourself only gets you so far. This is also true for businesses. When creating a landing page, your achievements needs to complemented with customer testimonials. Ideally, 2-3 testimonials about one line each should do the job. Hearing from other customers boosts a visitors trust and confidence in your company. It is a sign that your company is experienced and has done well in the past and will continue doing so.

  • Always focus on the benefits first

When your company is offering a service/product, talking about the specific make, model and features of the product will not  take you far. Instead of talking about technological terms, use the landing page to talk about how your product or service can help a customer. “Our product is made of 100% recyclable material” might not do as well as “Stay green while you get ahead.”  Selling a product is a thing of the past as customers already know what they’re looking for. Selling the benefits and USPs is important in the current market.

  • Long form

While it is important to stay concise, many fear long form copy as they do not think users will have the attention for it. They fail to test out the long form copy and it might effect the bottom line. Overall, the landing page remains similar whether the copy is long-form or not. Long form just makes it easier for users to scroll on to the next page. Long form also makes it easier for users to get their initial queries answered. Remember that long form is not suited for every company but it is necessary to try it out.

Copy is never a one time job. Based on current industry trends, your website’s copy will change at least once in 2-3 years. When it is time for a change, make sure to test out different tactics for the various elements of your site. Successful copywriting is all about connecting with your customers, find out more here.

Image: Pixabay