16 Phenomenal Examples of Copywriting to Draw Inspiration from

Media expert and philosopher Marshall McLuhan once rightly said, “Historians and archaeologists will one day discover that the ads of our time are the richest and most faithful daily reflections any society ever made of its whole range of activities.”

Over the years, we have witnessed and absorbed ingenious concepts created by brilliant copywriters. We have enjoyed ad campaigns spearheaded by snazzy slogans that have driven up real revenues for brands – such is the importance of copywriting in advertising.

Let’s explore 16 phenomenal examples of copywriting that you can use for inspiration.

Remember, the right copywriting service can make a real difference for you and your business. See how these pieces of copywriting changed the game for their brands.

1. The J Peterman Company – Highly cinematic.

J Peterman Company’s sales company is inspired and a worthy reference for copywriters. Every product on the J Peterman Company website has an interesting write-up to enthrall potential shoppers. The brand, which focuses on selling offbeat apparel, has unconventional product descriptions that explain utility in a classy, stand apart manner. The descriptions not only cover the actual apparel but also elucidate the occasion for which it can be worn and the sentiment that it carries. Product descriptions of this caliber typically have more of an effect on target groups.

2. Metro Trains – Dumb ways to die.

How can a local train safety campaign garner attention from the advertising community? McCann Melbourne’s dark humor received wide acclaim for its catchy music and cartoon characters. This ad that eventually became a cult classic was born because Melbourne’s Metro Trains company didn’t want the typical gloomy tone used in their safety campaign. McCann decided to entertain its viewers by commissioning an ad agency to write hilarious lyrics about dumb ways to die. Shortly after the launch of the song, Dumb Ways to Die topped the iTunes chart and its video went viral on YouTube. That’s the power of crafty copy, which can explode brand awareness while entertaining your audience.

3. Scratch – Wireless should be free because it can be.

A headline that makes people think is always a good idea. Copywriters use intrigue and curiosity as weapons to captivate their target audience’s interest. Wireless provider Scratch’s headline – “Wireless should be free” is a great hook. The sub-headline, however, is what really makes people think. “Wireless should be free – because it can be”. Usually when the word “free” is used, readers blindsight the rest of the message because they automatically label it as BS. But Scratch’s campaign uses the question word why to awaken curiosity in the message’s recipients. Copywriting is an art form that requires understanding and mastery over a language. The results are always proportional to how well a copy is written.

4. Sunkist – Drink an orange.

Sunkist may be a massive brand today, but they were once producing more oranges than they could sell. This situation had escalated to a point where they were forced to cut down some of their orange trees. That was only until they hired a content agency that created a campaign for them focused on the tagline – “Drink an orange”. The agency’s advertising genius, Albert Lasker, first introduced Americans to the concept of orange juice, which grew to become a massive hit. He was responsible for patenting the orange juice extractor, which he advocated selling for 0.10 cents per juicer, prompting Americans to buy oranges in bulk. “Drink an orange” may sound mundane in today’s world, but back then, the concept revolutionized how Americans considered and consumed oranges.

5. Hiut Denim – Do one thing well.

Some products and experiences are beyond perfect. It’s tough to identify how to make such products simpler, more user-friendly, and appealing. Such products unite design, utility, and ideas to build something exactly right. Hiut Denim Co put together a list of those whose work was dedicated to doing one thing well, which is apparently challenging to do. They also disclosed that it took them 75 distinct processes to make the perfect pair of jeans, including picking the finest Japanese denim, tailoring the cut, and hand-crafting the finish to produce the best pair of jeans anyone can have.

6. GymIt – Cancel anytime without pretending you’ve moved.

Copywriting has the tough role of bringing a brand’s personality and values to life. GymIt’s website and social media content is a good example of copy impressively representing a brand’s values while solving real problems that customers face. Consider this line for instance – “Cancel anytime without pretending you’ve moved”. Everyone’s who’s ever worked out at a gym will appreciate this sentiment. Canceling a gym membership is not only demoralizing but also an overall unpleasant and awkward experience. GymIt’s copy not only rids customers of that worry but also powerfully represents the gym’s customer-friendly disposition.

7. Corvette anti-Volvo ad – They don’t write songs about Volvos.

This probably isn’t the first instance of a brand taking a dig at another brand, in casual humor, but it’s probably one of the more creative examples of such a strategy. When you first see this ad, it probably gets a smirk or a giggle out of you, but it’s after that phase that the realization sets in about how true the statement is – they really don’t write songs about Volvos. Copy like what Corvette has used is what makes viewers think before a powerful, impressionable realization dawns on them. Creating copy like this requires wit along with mastery over a language.

8. Evernote – Product description.

Copywriting plays a critical role in conversions – conversions from website visits to leads and from leads to paying customers. The importance of copywriting for SaaS companies, where there’s no real contact between the company and its prospects or customers, is magnanimous. Explaining the use-case for SaaS applications can be tricky, especially when there is a lot of competition. Evernote’s copy is clear, concise, and effective, explaining to its audience exactly what Evernote is for and how they can benefit by using the app. It’s important to choose the right copywriters for such projects, lest there is miscommunication wherein you can lose the trust of your customers and prospects.

9. Cards Against Humanity – Party games for horrible party people.

You are probably familiar with Cards Against Humanity, a self-proclaimed board game for “horrible” party people. It’s a wildly inappropriate but entertaining card game that helps break the ice during social occasions. The copywriting on every Cards Against Humanity card is in itself very amusing and known to get participants to laugh. The brand’s voice is as abrasive as the game, being almost offensive. But that’s their gimmick. They’re not trying to woo a mass audience, which is absolutely alright, because they have a small, but fiercely loyal user base. They do a great job of appealing to this niche audience as you will clearly see by observing their FAQ page.

10. FiftyThree – We make stuff.

The difference between marketing copy and effective copywriting is simple. Marketing copy is rich with jargon, while effective copywriting is simple and infectious. FiftyThree’s tagline is a good example of a clean, effective copy. What do they do, you ask? Well, they make stuff. Their USP, brand values, and sales copy are all simple, conveying their passion for what they do. If you’re still wondering what FiftyThree makes, take a guess. What global brand does their simple, clear-cut tone remind you of? They manufacture accessories for that tech giant. If you still haven’t cracked the puzzle, take a look at the next item on our list.

11. Apple – Ingenuity makes it thin. Aluminum makes it strong.

Apple’s copywriters are genius. Their copy has rhythms and rhymes that leave competing copywriters far behind. Copywriters everywhere refer to them as examples of brilliant copywriting and study their style for inspiration. What sets apart Apple’s copy from what others write is that Apple focuses on emotion and sentiments, over features and technicalities. Led by Steve Jobs’ vision, all of Apple’s products and marketing start from a favorable end-product and are de-constructed to yield the perfect building elements. When writing copy, it’s always advantageous to choose emotion over information.

12. Ann Handley – Total Annarchy.

Many marketers commit the mistake of being overly self-promotional when building their personal brand. This is where copywriting can come to the rescue by taking attention away from the sales message by entertaining your target audience. The copy on Ann Handley’s website proves that she doesn’t take herself too seriously in spite of being an award-winning author, marketer, and entrepreneur. You can use copywriting of this sort in different places, not just on your website’s homepage. You can use crafty copy on email subscription pop-ups, your 404 error page, and your contact page. This copy should reflect your personality and values so that viewers get to know who you are without having any real interaction with you.

13. Man Crates – Bragworthy gifts for men.

Sometimes, you can expand your business more by targeting niche audience groups instead of going after mainstream audience types. Man Crates, for instance, doesn’t target all men but tries to speak directly to the type of man they believe is their ideal target. Their sales copy, product descriptions, and newsletters are all focused on speaking directly to this type of man. Notice how they describe a very specific scenario in this piece of copy. Many businesses avoid this type of copywriting because they fear it alienates other potential customers. While this may be true, hyper-focused copy increases sales and the conversion rate for the niche groups that you target.

14. Harry’s – Shave plan.

Harry’s is differentiating itself from other men’s shaving brands by delivering razors right to the doorstep. When introducing something radical and unusual to your audience, it’s important to support the idea with a strong, clear copy. Harry’s gets it right by avoiding complications and explaining the concept to their audience in the most straightforward way possible. One way to ensure that you follow suit is by keeping your copy concise, without including unnecessary details and flowery language. This doesn’t mean that Harry’s doesn’t have a persuasive hook. In fact, in one line of copywriting they convey how the blades remain affordable in spite of the added cost of home delivery, addressing a potential customer concern.

15. Moosejaw – Bad days happen

Most brands steer clear of modifying their actual products when writing copy. The common approach is to build copy around a product, instead of modifying the product itself to make it more appealing. Moosejaw, however, isn’t afraid to play with their product to create a fun concept. The outdoor gear brand uses humor in its advertising to make the message more palatable and even entertaining. Here’s one example of how they compare Moosejaw shoes to hedgehogs with a ridiculous but memorable tagline. Many brands have experimented with humor to get their message across to target groups, but few have directed the jokes at their own brands.

16. Baron Fig – We make tools for thinkers.

Baron Fig is a brand that sells brilliantly crafted notebooks. The brand uses humor and witty copy to catch the attention of website visitors. Their Story Page is an excellent example of this type of copy. The headline of the page read, “We make tools for thinkers.” This copywriting inculcates the marketing principle of inclusion. Everyone wants to be labeled a thinker. If you look at it carefully, everyone’s a thinker. Anyone with thoughts is a thinker and Baron Fig crafts notebooks for everyone. The brand’s testimonial and features page also employ effective copywriting that speaks to their audience.


Every example of effective copywriting on this page can act as inspiration for your copywriting projects. By understanding why these ads worked and applying the successful element to your copy, you can recreate similar results for your brand and company. If you aren’t confident about your copywriting abilities, you can hire a copywriting agency to work on and deliver copy based on your requirements.

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