6 Content Marketing Tips For Boring Industries

“Boring” isn’t really a word anyone associates with success. In fact, many businesses don’t focus on content marketing simply because they believe that their niche is “dry and boring”.  This is nothing but a big myth with no basis. If you actually take a look at content from different niches including those from industries considered boring – science, health, taxes etc. – you will realize that every niche has its rockstars and you can be one of them. Here are 6 tips to create and market great content, regardless of your niche’s popularity:

  • Give valuable information

If your company is selling niche items like different types of glass,  most of your visitors will not know anything about it until they need to buy it. Use this to your advantage while creating content. Provide information regarding everything in your niche, don’t just stick to one product. For example, if you’re into automobile manufacturing, you can have a general review section on your blog where you review different cars or engines in detail. This is bound to get you readers and keep them hooked.

  • Be an expert

Experts are present in every industry, whether you became an expert through years of practical experience or through extensive education. Use your expertise and spread your knowledge as far as it will go. If you’re an automotive expert, write about everything you learnt, give insights and review products. Once you’ve written well enough on your blog/website, you can start guest posting on other websites in your niche. To improve connections, you can also write for websites that are even remotely related to your niche. Find topics that can bring both the niches together and make the most of it.

  • Explore different angles

Even if your niche is relatively unique, there are bound to be other writers that operate in it. To stand out from them, work on different angles. For example, a real estate writer can write about living in different cities or the most popular places in each city, instead of simply writing about selling, buying or realtors. Alternately, you can leverage the realtors in your area to create an expert series where they answer a bunch of questions. Expert series are valued by readers and creating them isn’t easy but if they work, then you will strike gold.

  • Leverage visual content

What better way to connect with your audience than some entertaining videos. Create videos that cater to your audience. They have to be intriguing or fascinating to capture attention and get them hooked. Make sure  your videos also cover unique angles and relate other niches to yours. WillTec’s video series “Will It Blend?” was started in 2006-2007 and has increased sales by over 700%. Today the videos are extremely popular as audience’s stay hooked while finding out if the blender can blend anything from an Apple Watch to normal fruits. To put it simply, your videos follow the same rule as the content you write – insightful, entertaining and unique.

  • Tell Stories

Tell stories with your content. Even if you run a website focused on taxes or home improvements, have stories on your blog from customers or people you’ve worked with to balance out the factual writing. Story telling makes your content seem more authentic and thus, increase its appeal. If your website looks like a Wikipedia page, then users might as well go to Wikipedia. Add humanity to what you’re saying, blogs that have stories of people trying out their advice or giving their tips, are likely to be more relatable. Make sure your stories don’t sound too pushy and fake, your writing should connect with real people and sounding like an ad copy won’t help.

  • Follow the Analytics

Use analytical data to find out what your viewers like best. You might already have an idea about this, but analysis will reveal surprising facts. It’ll show you where to focus your efforts and what you can eliminate through statistics about likes, comments, views and more. Analytics can also reveal your target audience aka that people that are most important for your blog/website.  You can use analytics to better your blogging efforts along with your social media efforts.

If you look around the web, you’ll find great content from morticians to surgeons to toilet paper brands. Take note from these examples and add to your content marketing efforts. See what you can change, how it can be made more effective and learn from their success/mistakes.