Top 5 Blog Writing Tips for eCommerce Websites

To reach a wider audience, improve sales and boost revenues businesses must be able to create and maintain useful blogs on their websites or on various blogging platforms. You may know all the search engine optimization tricks but SEO techniques will not help you as an e-commerce merchant if the blog content is average. Blog writing for eCommerce websites is not easy and most businesses are entrusting this activity to web-content writing professionals. Here are the top five blogging tips to help you create great content for blogs.

Top 20 FAQs on Content Marketing

If content marketing is still a mystery to you, these 20 frequently asked questions will give you a good idea about this popular marketing form that has transformed the way businesses and consumers interact.

What Does the Debate on Net Neutrality Mean for Content Marketers?

The internet has become an integral part of modern life. It is considered a great equalizer. But is it, really? The topic of net neutrality, which in the simplest terms, means keeping the internet open, has captured the imagination of the public. This week, discussions on the regulation of the internet will move to Congress. FCC commissioner Tom Wheeler is expected to present net neutrality rules to the House Subcommittee on Communications and Technology. The commission is attempting to create a level-playing field on the internet, or enforce net neutrality, which has its detractors (notably the chairperson of the aforementioned subcommittee Greg Walden). However, FCC is also saying that the pay-to-play fast lane does not compromise net neutrality.

Matt Cutts Reiterates Importance of Body Copy to Google Search Visibility

There is a tendency among search engine marketers to be meticulous about the header content – title tag and meta description – but more casual about the relevance of body content to the page. It can confuse Google and make it difficult for the search engine to return the page to users. This is the point Matt Cutts, head of Google’s webspam team, made in his latest video.