Re-Energize Your Brand with A New Website! – Part 2

As mentioned in the previous article of this series, creating a well-defined content strategy is the first step to creating a new website. A content strategy will help your content and online marketing teams create and publish content on your website that is effective and improves your conversion rates. After you have created and described audience personas in your content strategy, the next step is to decide the tone and voice that you need to use in the content.

Re-Energize Your Brand with A New Website! – Part 1

As a company or brand grows, its capabilities and services also grow and these changes need to be reflected by the company’s website. You simply cannot continue using the same old website that your company had when it was a start-up. Also, web technology is evolving at such a rapid pace that your website can look outdated and become buggy after a while. So why not refresh your brand by refreshing your website to show what your brand is capable of lately? However, launching a brand new website should be a carefully thought out process so that the launch is smooth and successful. Here’s how you can revamp your website without hitches.

How to Create Excellent Calls-to-Action and Landing Pages

The primary purposes of all online marketing efforts are to attract customers, generate leads and increase sales. Your company blog, website and social media pages may have excellent content but they are of no use if there aren’t any calls to action telling potential customers and leads what to do next and how to connect with you and your company.

Read These 3 Main Pointers To Create Long-Lasting Web Content

Content creation and marketing is quickly becoming one of the top online marketing choices of companies worldwide. As more and more people are spending time on the Internet, businesses are now having to create interesting web content on their websites and blogs. However, most companies are complaining that they are unable to create enough content to maintain readers’ attention. Also, the popularity of social networks also means that companies not only have to create great content but also distribute it effectively via these channels so that the content is shared by social network users.