Use Facebook Edgerank to your Advantage – Part I

Now businesses have a new algorithm to worry about. Panda and Penguin algorithms released by Google caused quite a stir among online marketers and now the buzz is about Facebook’s new algorithm. The social media giant has released a new algorithm named “Edgerank” that dictates the visibility of Facebook pages. It is not enough to just create brand pages and post content anymore; content must now be optimized according to the new algorithm.

Content Marketing with Facebook

Facebook Timeline has completely changed the layout of user profiles. The Timeline is now mandatory for all its users and this has caused some controversy among businesses that have company pages on Facebook. Users can easily migrate from the old layout to the new Timeline format without losing valuable content or fans. The new layout may be confusing but businesses have no reason to worry. This new Timeline feature is perfect for content marketers and will boost any content marketing strategy. The proper use of the timeline features will ensure that your company page is more visible among Facebook users.

Google + Is Not a Hot Favorite Among Users, But May Still Warrant Attention

Released last July, Google+ was expected to take on its competitors Facebook and Twitter in a huge way. But unfortunately, according to the latest report by ComScore Inc, users spent a mere 3.3 minutes on Google+ on an average, while its competitor Facebook scored high with users spending on an average, a whopping 7.5 hours on it!