Content Marketing with Facebook

Facebook Timeline has completely changed the layout of user profiles. The Timeline is now mandatory for all its users and this has caused some controversy among businesses that have company pages on Facebook. Users can easily migrate from the old layout to the new Timeline format without losing valuable content or fans. The new layout may be confusing but businesses have no reason to worry. This new Timeline feature is perfect for content marketers and will boost any content marketing strategy. The proper use of the timeline features will ensure that your company page is more visible among Facebook users.

Cover Photo

The Timeline layout now allows users to place a large photo at the top of the page, which is known as the Cover Photo. This is the first thing that others see when they visit the company’s Facebook page. Use this feature to make an excellent first impression on your visitors. The image that you choose should be relevant to the company and should promote the brand. It makes sense to choose the company logo and motto instead of some generic image.

Highlight Important Posts

Facebook Timeline allows users to browse through content easily using various viewing options. Businesses often use the services of writing companies to create informative and attractive content but it often goes unseen. Such content gets buried in users’ news feeds. Facebook now allows you to highlight important posts – articles and images. Fans and visitors can choose the viewing option that lets them view only highlighted content on company pages. Highlighting important pieces of content makes it easier for your fans and other Facebook users to find such content on your Facebook page.

Timeline Milestones Feature

The new Milestones feature arranges all content in a chronological manner. Companies can archive all their posts according to the month and year of appearance. Use this Milestones feature to post articles and images that are related to each other. This way, the Facebook page will be filled with stories rather than random posts. Many established companies are using this Timeline Milestones feature to upload content that depicts the history and growth of their companies. Small companies can use it in innovative ways. For example, a company that sells baked goods can use the milestone feature to transform its page to represent the history of French bread.

Use the Pinning Feature

The Milestone Feature mentioned earlier enables users to arrange posts in a chronological fashion but how does one make sure that certain posts always stay on top? Facebook now allows users to pin certain posts at the top of their Timelines. Pinned content pieces stay at the top for seven days even if other posts are uploaded after them. Companies can use this feature to display time bound promotions, events and offers. This is a great way to create hype about discounts, sales offers, events, etc.

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