4 Tips for Successful Content Marketing on Facebook

Social media platforms are some of the best channels to market through content. Latest research shows that many people now look to social networking platforms for content. As a result, social media websites have become the most popular resource for content marketing. According to a recent survey by ContentPlus – a content marketing company based in the U.K., people want to know more about companies and brands from their content and not ads. Advertisements are not trustworthy sources of information anymore and 70% respondents said that articles and not ads are what they want from companies to get to know more about the brands.

The Next Round in the Facebook-Twitter Fight!

Now that Twitter has blocked Instagram images from being expanded and viewed on Twitter, Facebook has decided to continue the animosity between the two social networking giants. In its latest move, Facebook has decided to completely block Twitter’s Vine application from Facebook just a few days after the launch of Vine. Vine is a mobile app that allows people to take small looping videos from their smartphones and share them on the Internet. This means that users will not be able to share Vine videos on Facebook – and this could be a huge blow for the success of Vine.

Yet Another Facebook Change – This Time to The Newsfeed!

The Facebook Open Graph has allowed developers to create numerous types of applications based on all the core Facebook activities, but these applications are generating so much data that Facebook is unable to stream them in newsfeeds. To allow users to get all the information related to them and the applications they are using on their news feeds, Facebook appears to be changing the design of the newsfeed. With the new newsfeed design, Facebook is looking to stuff as much data as possible into the newsfeeds so that users do not miss out on any Open Graph information.

4 Shocking Social Media Trends

The believe it or not list on recent social media trends – do tell us what you think and what are your predictions on what’s to come on the social media scene.

Facebook Timeline Set to Change Again!

When the Timeline was released to replace the old Facebook profile design, there was enormous backlash from Facebook users. Now that people seem to be settling in with Timeline and giving positive feedback to the Timeline design, reports suggest that Facebook will be changing Timeline sometime soon. The original Timeline displayed posts and Milestones in two columns. Some users complained that this design forced them to look back and forth to see all the posts.

Is the Animosity between Facebook and Google Growing?

Facebook is the largest social network in the world with over a billion active users and Google has monopolized the search engine world with over 67% of the market share. It comes as no surprise that these two companies do not talk of each other in glowing terms. The rivalry between these two companies began when Facebook decided to form a close partnership with Google’s competitor – Microsoft, with Microsoft having a 1.6% stake in Facebook. Till last year, the acrimonious relationship between Facebook and Google was only speculated upon by Internet users and fuelled by social media reporters as both sides decided to remain quiet on the issue.

Facebook Launches Graph Search – Do We Hear More Competition for Google?

Facebook has just launched what Mark Zuckerberg has christened “the third pillar” of the Facebook experience – the Graph Search. Is this Facebook’s answer to Google’s Knowledge Graph? The Graph Search is still in the Beta phase but it is a tool that helps navigate the Facebook Graph. The Facebook Graph is the name given to the tools that allow people to map their relationships with other Facebook users and their interests. As Facebook has over a billion users, this is a huge addition to Facebook. Along with the News Feed and the Facebook Timeline, the Graph Search will help define user experience with Facebook.

Facebook is Rolling-Out New Timeline Changes

Facebook users have come to expect changes in the social networking site whether they like it or not. Even though Facebook has received immense backlash for most of their changes, they continue to tweak the website to enhance the user experience of the website. Most of us have barely gotten used to the Facebook Timeline, but be prepared to encounter further changes to the Timeline.

Instagram Faces the Music!

This comes as no surprise that Instagram has angered many of its users with the new Terms of Service. One Instagram user has decided to take legal action against the photo-sharing platform over its new terms of service. Lucy Funes has filed a class action lawsuit in the San Francisco federal court, against the photo-sharing service, last week. This California resident has accused the website, among other things, of breach of contract and claims that she is acting on behalf of other Instagram users and herself.

How to Become a Success on Facebook!

Any company wanting to reach a larger audience, increase sales and lead generation, and connect with customers must have a presence on Facebook. However, most companies fail to make a mark on the largest social networking site. Studies show that even companies that post regularly on their Facebook pages – even six or seven times a week – fail to reach even a quarter person of their fan base. This means that all the content published on your company page manages to reach or is seen only by just over 15% of your fans. Moreover, Facebook has never officially revealed any formula to increase the reach that content has but knowing the new EdgeRank algorithm could help social media writers create Facebook optimized content.

Will Instagram’s New Policies Spell its Death?

Just when Instagram started becoming an essential tool for online and social media marketers, the enforcement of new policies could see it vanish into obscurity. As many social media experts are calling it, the new policies that come into effect from 16th January, 2013, could be Instagram’s “suicide note”. These terms and policies indicate that the business model of Instagram is changing. It is now making users the product instead of the service.

How to Optimize Content for Facebook Edgerank – Part II

This post is a continuation of my earlier post ‘Use Facebook Edgerank to your Advantage – Part I”. These posts are meant to help you adapt to the Facebook Edgerank algorithm update when creating Facebook content for your businesses or for other clients. Like the Penguin and Panda algorithmseased by Google, the Edgerank algorithm has caused quite a stir among online marketers. Here are a few more tips to help improve the Edgerank of your content pieces or posts.