4 Shocking Social Media Trends

The believe it or not list on recent social media trends – do tell us what you think and what are your predictions on what’s to come on the social media scene.

1. Pinterest is as popular as Twitter

In a short span of three years, Pinterest – the image sharing social media platform – has become as popular as Twitter. 16% of surveyed adults use Twitter as compared to 15% for Pinterest and the latter could possibly become more popular than Twitter in the near future. Also, the survey shows that Pinterest is especially popular among affluent, educated and white females. Pinterest has quickly become “cool” as it is a Mecca for urban hipsters looking for the most stylish and coolest objects. Another interesting observation – Pinterest has now toppled Instagram as the most popular image sharing platform.

2. More and more people are using social networks

This is an oft-stated comment and may sound obvious but now there is proof that most Americans use some form of social networking regardless of race, ethnicity, financial status, education and gender. So now there is no excuse for catering to certain demographics with your social media strategy! Across all categories, the Pew Internet survey showed that more than 60% of those surveyed were using social networks in 2012.

3. Refusing to use social networks is becoming cool

This may be alarming news to social media marketers but the crème de la crème of college going students are quitting all forms of social media as a sign of rebellion. The Pew survey and other sources show that adults who have college degrees are slightly less likely to use social media as opposed to adults who have some college education. Social networks like Facebook have now become too mainstream for the elite crowd and they are moving away from them to show their individuality and superior taste. This is surprising because it shows that more education and not lack of access is becoming a primary reason for people not using social networks.

4. Mobile social networking is gaining popularity

We have said this before and the Pew survey proves it – more and more people are using their mobile devices to stay connected on social networks. 40% of respondents who own smartphones have said that they use their phones for social networking. The survey also showed that the college educated, young, more financially well-off, blacks and Hispanics are more likely to use social networks via mobile devices.