4 Tips for Successful Content Marketing on Facebook

Social media platforms are some of the best channels to market through content. Latest research shows that many people now look to social networking platforms for content. As a result, social media websites have become the most popular resource for content marketing. According to a recent survey by ContentPlus – a content marketing company based in the U.K., people want to know more about companies and brands from their content and not ads. Advertisements are not trustworthy sources of information anymore and 70% respondents said that articles and not ads are what they want from companies to get to know more about the brands.

The survey also shows that most social media users follow brands on social media platforms for content. Facebook is the largest social media platform with over a billion active users. Effective content marketing on this platform allows companies to potentially reach a very large and global customer base. So how can a brand or content marketer ensure proper content marketing on Facebook? Here are a few tips that can help companies to improve their content marketing efforts on Facebook.

#1. Place excellent calls to action

Facebook users and your fans and followers may read your articles and want to engage further with your brand, but without effective calls to action they won’t know what to do. To ensure that your fans engage with your posts, you need to tell them exactly how they can do so. Your posts may contain the link to your article but without a good call to action in the post, Facebook users may not follow the link. Use questions in your calls to action and always keep them positive. Make sure that the call to action is informative and that the post includes an image.

For example, if yours is a fashion brand and your article describes winter fashion, the Facebook post linking to the article could be “Do you want to know how to be a fashionista in the winters? Our experts have come up with five tips that will show you how! Share these tips with fellow fashionistas!”

#2. Post regularly and frequently

Posting frequently extends the engagement that fans have with your brand and ensures that they do not forget your brand. It is recommended that brands post at least once daily to expect good customer engagement. Companies that are able to create valuable and share-worthy content should post on Facebook as frequently as possible. If your brand is not able to create a lot of content, then you can share content from leaders and experts in your industry. Keep in mind that the posts should be short and informative so that fans know what to expect from the article by skimming through the Facebook post linking to it.

#3. Include visual content

Visual content like videos, images and inforgraphics is far more attractive than textual content. In fact, people engage more with visual content than with plain textual content. The newsfeeds of Facebook users are crammed with posts from various friends and company pages and your posts must be able to stand out among the flood of posts in newsfeeds. The best way to ensure this is by using eye-catching images and videos in your posts. The company page of your brand must also have relevant cover and profile photos such as the company logo so that fans know exactly who the post is from.

#4. Create content that fans find valuable

Fans will engage more with content that they find helpful. Content that addresses problems faced by consumers and offers solutions is the best type of content. You need to listen to your fans and understand what they need and create content accordingly. The easiest way to find out what fans want is by creating and publishing different types and pieces of content and monitoring the interaction fans have with the content. All business pages can use Facebook Insights to gather statistics and information about the success of each post. Use this feature to figure out user engagement with your posts and create content accordingly.