How to Optimize Content for Facebook Edgerank – Part II

This post is a continuation of my earlier post ‘Use Facebook Edgerank to your Advantage – Part I”. These posts are meant to help you adapt to the Facebook Edgerank algorithm update when creating Facebook content for your businesses or for other clients. Like the Penguin and Panda algorithmseased by Google, the Edgerank algorithm has caused quite a stir among online marketers. Here are a few more tips to help improve the Edgerank of your content pieces or posts.

Arrange photos in attractive albums
Instead of uploading individual photos and placing them in separate albums or in one large haphazard album, collect relevant images together to create an album that tells a story. Some organizations collect images posted over a period of time and place them in beautiful albums that detail all important events in a chronological manner. Photo albums are some of the most viewed posts as they are attention-grabbing. These albums appear as one big photo accompanied by many small photos on people’s newsfeeds. Describe the album and images so that they are more meaningful to your fans. Photo albums help direct attention away from your competitors’ posts and towards your content on newsfeeds. Clicks on these photo albums are said to positively affect the Edgerank.

Post targeting
This post tagging enhancement is still in its initial phase and is slowly being rolled out by Facebook to all its pages. This feature was previously available only to advertisers and now allows users to categorize their fans according to age, interests, gender, education information, employment information, language, city, relationship status, etc. Businesses can use this feature to target customized content at specific categories of fans. Once businesses figure out the type of content that is appreciated by each group, they can design future content pieces for different groups rather than posting general updates.

Although the more groups you create and the more you target, the number of people seeing the posts will reduce but a larger number of people will interact and engage with the posts as the posts are more meaningful to them. More engagement with content means higher Edgerank. This process of targeting fans according to demographics improves the chance of attracting new fans from targeted demographics. Also, if you see that a certain segment of fans is responding very well to a targeted post; post more content for this segment in quick succession to keep the interest alive.

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