How to Advertise Way Ahead of the Times

What is a brand and how does one define it? Advertisers agree that brand equals the story of the company –although this definition was controversial until very recently. This video by StoryWorlwide gives a brief introduction about the future of advertising and what a brand is and how companies can increase brand awareness the right way. First and foremost, a company must find the core story that is at the heart of the brand, which is known as the “story platform”. Companies and advertisers must then create content and narratives based on the story platform and publish them via various digital marketing channels.

Create and publish content based on the core story

According to this video, once narratives – visual and textual pieces of content have been created from the core story of the brand it must be published through as many channels of media as possible. Most importantly, the narratives must be created and published in unique, weird and fantastical ways that make them instantly memorable and likeable. Of course, advertisers need to get the story straight and keep it consistent.

Syndication and sharing

The narratives – once published – need to be shared and syndicated so that the target audience can find it. They need to be shared on platforms where the intended audience is most likely to stumble upon it. Advertising does not stop here. Paid media should be used next to inform a large number of people about the content and where to find it. Traditional and modern online marketing techniques like events, TV, print, paid search, social media platforms (Facebook and Twitter), etc. can be used to get as many people as possible to view and engage with the content.

As this video suggests, for people to find this content easily using search engines – the content must be optimized. Good SEO techniques like natural keyword insertion, tagging, indexing, etc. must be used so that the content is featured prominently in search results.

The advertising campaign gains a life of its own

The best part about creating advertising campaigns based on the core story of the brand is that after the brand’s advertising content has been search engine optimized, it gains a life of its own. Members of the target audience and other Internet users will continue to find and share the content without any effort or money spent by the brand or the advertisers. Results and effectiveness continues to rise while investment on media falls steadily.

Moreover, the gripping storytelling technique used in the brand’s advertising campaign incites fans to modify, add to, comment on and review the content to make it their own. Inspired by the brand, fans can also create and publish completely new and unique versions of the content – both old and new. This is when the brand and its advertisers know that they have hit the jackpot. Continuous publication of unique yet brand inspired content increases the marketing momentum of the brand without the brand having to spend a penny.

Sticking to this advertising method allows brands to have a permanently active marketing campaign for the brand. Watch this video to learn how to create a low cost yet high impact advertising and marketing campaign.