Apple Acquires Social Media Analytics Firm Topsy

Apple Inc. wants to gain keener insights into conversations around its brand. That’s the feeler the iPhone maker recently sent out with the acquisition of social media analytics firm Topsy Labs. Of course, the tight-lipped and secretive company would not reveal the strategic reason behind the move. Its spokesperson said that the acquisition was in keeping with Apple’s goal of buying small technology companies from time to time.

Richard Rosenblatt Bids Adieu to Demand Media

The Co-founder, Chairman and CEO of leading content and social media company Demand Media resigned as Chairman and CEO on Oct 14, 2013. The company’s co-founder Shawn Colo will serve as interim CEO until such time as the board finds a replacement. Rosenblatt’s departure comes at a time when Demand Media is planning to split itself into two publicly traded companies, one offering domain registry services, and the other dedicated to how-to articles. The company has announced that there are no changes to the plan in the wake of Rosenblatt’s resignation.

Get People to Notice Your Brand – Use Disruptive Marketing

People are bombarded with promotions and advertisements from all directions but are able to ignore the noise and pick up messages that are important to them. In the current marketing world where your messages could easily be dismissed as noise by your target audience, how do you get them to notice your message? More importantly, how and why do people sift through the noise and focus on certain messages?

Marketing Needs to Be Reinvented Constantly

People don’t realize the fact that we use marketing almost everyday. When we try and convince a child to eat his/her vegetables or negotiate the price of an item, we are trying to get the other person to do something differently. This persuasion is the core of marketing. However, marketing has a bad rap nowadays as people believe it to be false and something they cannot trust. Many people believe that marketing needs to be avoided as it can induce people to do something that they don’t necessarily want to do.

How Writing has Evolved Due to the Internet

The English language, like all other languages, is constantly evolving. Whether we like it or not, the digital era has had a huge impact on how people use the English language to communicate. From the overly formal language used by writers fifty years ago, people now use conversational and casual language and tone on the Internet.

Will Our News Stories Matter in The Future?

In this digital age, we are being bombarded with information everyday. There is so much information being generated everyday that we are literally drowning in it. Take for example the fact that Reuters publishes more than 3 million news stories every year. Reuters is just one source and it is still capable of generating so much news. So will all these news stories matter in a few years? Will we even remember the sensational stories in say 10,000 years? In this video, Kirk Citron – famous advertising executive and current editor and curator at “The Long News”, talks about news in the current times and how it will matter thousands of years down the line.

Will Tablets and e-Publishing Kill the ‘Paper Books’?

Will the popularity of eBooks, electronic readers and tablets spell the death of traditional print media and books? Will our appetite for eBooks and online articles and shortening attention spans lead to the end of once-beloved paperbacks and hardcovers? Most publishing houses seem to think so as they are now publishing eBook-only versions of many books. Also, with the growing popularity of smartphones, e-readers and tablets, most publishing companies are focusing their efforts on digital publishing.

Long-Awaited Twitter Ads API is Here!

Twitter is now looking to expand its ad revenues with the launch of its highly anticipated Ads API. This API now lets advertisers create rich and visually appealing ads that can be uploaded easily on Twitter. Facebook is seen as the friendlier social media platform for advertisers as it offers various tools and features to marketers and advertisers. Looking at the success Facebook has tasted by being friendlier towards advertisers, Twitter aims to recreate similar successes with its latest Ads API. This advertising platform was launched on 20th February, 2013 and has received enthusiastic response from online marketing experts.

Six Blogging Tips for E-commerce Websites

Many big organizations and small businesses maintain their blogs, but latest surveys indicate that e-commerce retailers are yet to implement this solution. If you are one such e-tailer, understand that a business blog is a powerful tool to engage your customers and build a sustained rapport with them. Blogging is an important part of any site optimization effort, the objective being to make your brand more visible, encourage more visitors to your site, and give income a boost.

The Story of Storytelling

The whole point of advertising is storytelling and not selling. Brands need to be able to tell their stories in innovative and memorable ways to make a lasting impression on their audiences. We are aware of the different advertising channels available in the digital era – the Internet, television, radio, mobiles, etc.; but do you know how it all started? How we went from painting on cave walls to keep stories alive to how we started making viral videos on YouTube? In this video Joe Sabia – digital artist and master storyteller, reveals the evolution of storytelling in just under four minutes in a charming and humorous way that makes this video a must-watch!

How to Advertise Way Ahead of the Times

What is a brand and how does one define it? Advertisers agree that brand equals the story of the company –although this definition was controversial until very recently. This video by StoryWorlwide gives a brief introduction about the future of advertising and what a brand is and how companies can increase brand awareness the right way. First and foremost, a company must find the core story that is at the heart of the brand, which is known as the “story platform”. Companies and advertisers must then create content and narratives based on the story platform and publish them via various digital marketing channels.

Imagine – In About a Year or 2 you May be Working on Chrome OS than MS!

The end of Microsoft’s reign over the PC operating system world seems to be approaching sooner than we thought. Although free operating systems like Linux have become extremely popular, they are hardly a serious threat to Microsoft’s Windows platform as Linux and other Unix-based platforms are mainly used by advanced PC users who have considerable programming knowledge. But Chrome OS is a different story.