Get People to Notice Your Brand – Use Disruptive Marketing

People are bombarded with promotions and advertisements from all directions but are able to ignore the noise and pick up messages that are important to them. In the current marketing world where your messages could easily be dismissed as noise by your target audience, how do you get them to notice your message? More importantly, how and why do people sift through the noise and focus on certain messages?

Long-Awaited Twitter Ads API is Here!

Twitter is now looking to expand its ad revenues with the launch of its highly anticipated Ads API. This API now lets advertisers create rich and visually appealing ads that can be uploaded easily on Twitter. Facebook is seen as the friendlier social media platform for advertisers as it offers various tools and features to marketers and advertisers. Looking at the success Facebook has tasted by being friendlier towards advertisers, Twitter aims to recreate similar successes with its latest Ads API. This advertising platform was launched on 20th February, 2013 and has received enthusiastic response from online marketing experts.

Utilitarian Content Marketing is The Need of the Hour

If recent trends are to be believed, people do not want glitz and glamour. Practicality and relevancy seems to be of the utmost importance for customers and readers. Sadly, very few companies are thinking of utilitarian content marketing and most are using content marketing channels to churn out as much marketing material as they can. You may think that content marketing is free and people will flock towards your published content only because they don’t have to pay for it. This is not true and it is no reason to create fluff-filled, content pieces that only serve to market your company’s products. As with other forms of marketing, utilitarian seems to be the key and gone are the days when content was just another form of advertisement.

How to Advertise Way Ahead of the Times

What is a brand and how does one define it? Advertisers agree that brand equals the story of the company –although this definition was controversial until very recently. This video by StoryWorlwide gives a brief introduction about the future of advertising and what a brand is and how companies can increase brand awareness the right way. First and foremost, a company must find the core story that is at the heart of the brand, which is known as the “story platform”. Companies and advertisers must then create content and narratives based on the story platform and publish them via various digital marketing channels.

Advertising in the Digital Age – How Consumers Interact with Products and Brands

The digital era has completely revolutionized advertising. People nowadays have access to so much information so easily that they are very well informed and very opinionated. Discriminatory and false advertising techniques that used to be so effective in the 1960s cannot be used these days. Backlash against controversial advertising is so common that Creative Directors have to be very cautious.

What’s Next for Advertising and Content Marketing?

The change or the rise in social media is unmatched by any other Internet phenomenon. To put things in perspective, within a span of seven years – between 2005 and 2012 – social networking sites have gone from their being in their nascent stages to being the most popularly visited sites on the Internet. Most importantly, social networks have now moved onto the mobile platform in a big way.