The 3 Most Innovative Content Marketing Companies and their Campaigns and What You can Learn from Them

Content marketing is not a choice anymore but a necessity for companies to survive in the global markets today. However, most companies do not understand this form of marketing and hence their campaigns – not surprisingly – fail miserably. Yes, this type of online marketing does not cost a lot, but there is no use spending any time and effort in content marketing when it is doing absolutely nothing for your company. However, when done right, it can increase the reach of your brand exponentially in a very short span of time – at almost no cost!

How to Advertise Way Ahead of the Times

What is a brand and how does one define it? Advertisers agree that brand equals the story of the company –although this definition was controversial until very recently. This video by StoryWorlwide gives a brief introduction about the future of advertising and what a brand is and how companies can increase brand awareness the right way. First and foremost, a company must find the core story that is at the heart of the brand, which is known as the “story platform”. Companies and advertisers must then create content and narratives based on the story platform and publish them via various digital marketing channels.

Advertising in the Digital Age – How Consumers Interact with Products and Brands

The digital era has completely revolutionized advertising. People nowadays have access to so much information so easily that they are very well informed and very opinionated. Discriminatory and false advertising techniques that used to be so effective in the 1960s cannot be used these days. Backlash against controversial advertising is so common that Creative Directors have to be very cautious.