Google Inches Closer to Complete Search Engine Dominance

It’s no surprise that Google is closing in on 70% of all searches conducted in America. Last month, reports indicated that Google had broken its previous record and had managed to capture more than 66.9% of all US searches. This December, the numbers have moved up by 0.1%, which now means that 67% of all searches conducted in the US were via Google. Most experts agree that in no time the market share captured by the search engine will reach 70%.

However, this rise was not at the cost of the market share of Bing – the other major player in the search engine world. According to the report by comScore, the market share of Bing rose by 0.2% to rest at 16.2% market share in December. Meanwhile, the market share of other major player Yahoo! shrunk by 1/10 % to land at 12.1% of all searches done in the US. Other search engines like and AOL also saw their shares decreasing.

Despite new leadership at Yahoo! in the form of Marissa Mayer, the search engine hasn’t been able to make a dent in Google’s share of the market. So far, only Bing and Google have been showing consistently impressive results. This data is based on only explicit core searches. As there were 17 billion explicit core searches last month alone, 11.4 billion searches were done on Google whereas Bing accounted for only 2.4 billion searches. Although there is a vast disparity in the numbers, the fact that Bing is showing positive results could be a worry to Google and other search engine companies.

In terms of Powered by searches, both Bing and Google managed to show impressive results again. The latter has a monopoly with over 69% while Bing managed to capture just over 25% of the search queries. So will this rise continue for Bing and Google? Experts seem to think so.