Top 98 Small Business Blogs List (61 – 80)

61. Michel Fortin

Michel Fortin is a marketing consultant and copywriter who has a vast experience of 20 years writing about various topics related to business and the different ways to market it, especially on the Internet. Michel has appeared in many talk shows and forums to discuss about the evolving world of marketing and how entrepreneurs can gain from the popularity of the social media. He also has experience in teaching the principles of marketing management at a business school. His blogs are very popular among people interested in business.

62. Small Biz Lady – Melinda Emerson

Small Biz Lady is a blog maintained by Melinda Emerson. She is the undisputed queen of the small business world in the US. She has been a practicing entrepreneur for the last 15 years and knows about the pulse of the constantly evolving small business market. Her blogs are one of the most widely read blogs in America, especially among the entrepreneurs. She also has a lot of visibility in the social media thanks to #Smallbizchat, which holds the record of being the lengthiest live chat on Twitter exclusively for the small business owners.

63. Harvard Business Review 

Harvard Business Review is published by Harvard Business Publishing, owned by Harvard University. The blog has a great collection of resources on leadership, entrepreneurship and innovation. The content on the blog is well categorized, so you can read what you are interested in.

64. Elastic Mind

Elastic Mind is a personal blog maintained by Tara Joyce. She believes that people must explore their goals, values, talents and passions. It is an essential strategy for not only creating wealth, but also for adding value and finding purpose in your life. She quit her job in marketing and digital media in 2008 to pursue her own business. With Elastic Mind, Tara plans to write about the various aspects about the human being.

65. Small Firm Innovation

Small Firm Innovation is a company which provides the small time law firms and individual lawyers with insights and advice on law. The advice of running a law practice is given by some of the leading experts in the field of law who have experience in running a law firm. Small Firm Innovation solely stresses upon some of the functional solutions for the real-world situations and it has a total dependence on first-person accounts of small firm success. It generates a condition for an impulsive exchange of ideas. Small Firm Innovation is created and maintained by Clio.

66. Law Biz Blog

Law Biz Blog is the brainchild of Ed Poll, who as a law firm management consultant has a lot of experience in consulting and coaching law firms and lawyers. With the Law Biz Blog, he is trying to reach out to his followers on the web. His articles and videos about the various issues plaguing the practice of law as well as the recent developments in the field of law are among the most read blogs. Ed has also authored many books. He is based out of Venice, California.

67. Small Biz Lending

Small Biz Lending is a joint initiative of non-profit, private and government lending institutions in Colorado. It was established to provide the small business owners and entrepreneurs in Colorado with all the necessary resources as well as information on the same. It aims to make entrepreneurs capable enough to easily engage and get the help of micro-lending solutions, approach a line of credit, go for a business loan and find other funding options. The whole process is carried out with due consideration and in a transparent manner and there are no hidden costs involved.

68. Drew’s Marketing Minute

Drew’s Marketing Minute is a blog, maintained and managed by Drew McLellan. Drew’s Marketing Minute contains a number of articles which helps people running small businesses and entrepreneurs with their marketing strategy. He has written about things like how to deal with the customers and how to keep them loyal. He also has written about the importance of a business’ presence on the web and how it can impact the growth and development of business. Drew McLellan is a veteran when it comes to marketing and has written many books on the same that have helped numerous companies in coming up with their marketing strategies.

69. Andy Wibbels

Andy Wibbels is an independent blogger based out of San Francisco, California who maintains and manages his own blogging site called ‘Andy Wibbels’. He is the author of the book Blogwild: A Guide for Small Business Blogging. In his blogs, he writes about the latest developments in the world of business. Posts written by him have been useful for owners of small businesses and other entrepreneurs.

70. Expand 2 Web

Expand 2 Web is a blog managed by Don Campbell. Expand 2 Web contains articles written by Don that talk about building your own small business on the web and making it grow. Don, who was working for Microsoft, quit his job there and started his own business which slowly became a huge success. Through Expand 2 Web, he wants to share his experience of running a small business with other entrepreneurs and prospective small business owners, so that they can learn from the mistakes he made and ensure that they make their presence felt on the web.

71. Young Go Getter

Young Go Getter is a forum where the young entrepreneurs and small business owners can read about articles and blogs on how to make their business sustainable. They can also learn to make it grow and develop into a large organization. It was founded by Justin Nowak in 2005. Since then Young Go Getter has received a lot of good feedback and it has constantly evolved with time. Its team consists of young and dynamic people who try to maintain the highest quality when it comes to writing articles. It has a huge database of articles.

72. Phil Gerbyshak

Phil Gerbyshak is an independent blogger who helps small organizations by enhancing engagements between the customer and the employees through social media and build relationships. Through his blog posts, he ensures that the small businesses are not left out, when it comes to engaging their customers. He offers help to entrepreneurs in the field of speaking, marketing and networking in social media, which has become the greatest tool in the hands of a small businessman. Phil has worked in the IT industry for 15 years and knows about leveraging the power of social media.

73. Adrian Swinscoe

Adrian Swinscoe is an independent blogger writes about the needs of the entrepreneurs and small business owners. He also focuses on advising them on marketing their products and services such that they attract more customers. He is also an eminent speaker and author. He brings in a lot of experience as he has helped many small organizations achieve great results by engaging with their customers and helping them retain them by improving their service delivery. He also posts interviews of some of the successful businesspeople on his blog.

74. Infusion Soft

Infusion Soft is a company, which cares for the growth and well-being of small businesses and entrepreneurs. The entrepreneurs and small business owners are responsible for the creation of many jobs and play an important role in the economy. Infusion Soft helps them through their blogs on retaining customers and enhancing their service, which ensures that these small businesses become successful. Infusion Soft also helps these problem solvers and innovators grow sales, get organized and save time. The employees who write the articles for Infusion Soft have the experience of what it takes to run a small business.

75. Small Business Labs

Small Business Labs is a blog maintained by Emergent Research. Small Business Labs covers articles and blogs on key topics such as technology, social media and business trends. The articles on Small Business Labs are written by Steve King and Carolyn Ockels who have the experience of running small businesses successfully. They identify, forecast and analyze the fundamental demographic, social and other trends and changes which impact the formation of small businesses and its operations. The articles have been very useful to the entrepreneurs so they has gained a lot of readers.

76. N2Growth

N2Growth is a professional services company which caters to the needs of executive teams, boards and CEOs. N2Growth helps improve the overall operational and cultural excellence of organizations. It focuses around leadership and empowering the leaders in organizations to produce better results. Brian Layer is the CEO of N2 Growth. The company also maintains its own blog, which contains an extensive set of articles on leadership.

77. Tim Berry

Tim Berry is an entrepreneur who has immense knowledge about running a small business successfully. He writes articles and blogs about various topics that cater to the needs of people who want to start their own business someday. His blog contains an extensive list of articles and videos, which are truly inspiring for the budding entrepreneurs. Apart from being a blog writer, Tim has also authored various books and has delivered lectures at the Oregon University.

78. IT World – Small Business

IT World is an organization that provides help to people associated with IT industry. The ‘small business’ section of IT World contains lots of articles on running a small business. Its blogs are very useful for people who are looking for the latest news and developments taking place in the world of small businesses in IT industry. These articles are written by professional writers who have a clear picture of the changes in the field. These blogs help people to know what they can expect in the future.

79. Small Business Accountants

Small Business Accountants helps connect the owners of small businesses with the members of the Professional Association of Small Business Accountants. It was founded in 1982 with the aim of providing the opportunity to the accountants to become more efficient. It tries to ensure that it brings out the best from the world of small business accounting on a single platform. It has helped small businesses to grow their strengths by networking with their peers across the globe.

80. Small Biz Pod

Small Biz Pod is a blog which provides practical advice to small, growing businesses and startups to grow. The site features interviews, opinion and commentary from writers, entrepreneurs and bloggers who know what matters to small businesses. It was founded by Alex Bellinger in 2005 in UK. Over time, the site has became very popular, especially among the SMEs in Britain. It has some of the best writers who are aware of what is happening in the world of small business.

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