Top 98 Small Business Blogs List (81 – 98)

81. Small Business Edge

Small Business Edge is an organization which is devoted to helping small business owners and other entrepreneurs in running their business better. It was started by Brian Moran who has a vast experience in assisting business owners and entrepreneurs to market their business on social media. He was the president of organizations like Moran Media and Veracle Media. The website consists of a large number of articles alongside other resources which help the entrepreneurs to be prepared for the challenges they may face when running their business.

Top 98 Small Business Blogs List (61 – 80)

61. Michel Fortin

Michel Fortin is a marketing consultant and copywriter who has a vast experience of 20 years writing about various topics related to business and the different ways to market it, especially on the Internet. Michel has appeared in many talk shows and forums to discuss about the evolving world of marketing and how entrepreneurs can gain from the popularity of the social media. He also has experience in teaching the principles of marketing management at a business school. His blogs are very popular among people interested in business.

Top 98 Small Business Blogs List (41 – 60)

41. Small Biz Daily

Small Biz Daily is an enterprise run by three women – Rieva Lesonsky, Maria Valdez Haubrich and Karen Axelton. These three women help small businesses and other budding entrepreneurs through Small Biz Daily by writing about their experiences in the field of entrepreneurship and running small business. Small Biz Daily also has many contributors from the various field writing about their area of work.

Top 98 Small Business Blogs List (21 – 40)

21. Mobile Marketing Watch

Mobile Marketing Watch is one of the most powerful mobile marketing blog which covers a wide range of topics like technology, healthcare and advertising. It is operated and owned by MobileStorm, which is a communications company based out of Los Angeles. Mobile Marketing Watch sells its Software as a service product to organizations for social messaging, mobiles and emails. The writers working for Mobile Marketing Watch have the necessary freedom with respect to their content. Justin Montgomery is the editor-in-chief of Mobile Marketing Watch and oversees the work of their writers.

Top 98 Small Business Blogs List

As an entrepreneur it is crucial that you stay informed about industry trends. Blogs can be extremely resourceful in this context, provided you follow the ones that share information-rich, original content. However, picking the right blogs to follow can be quite a daunting task, particularly if you are looking for niche communities that address specific topics. Right from financial management to communication management, blogs can help you understand the various aspects of running a business. There are several organizations which feature blogs that are driven towards guiding businesspeople in their entrepreneurial journey. Here’s a list of the top 98 blogs that you should follow if you run a small business.