Top 98 Small Business Blogs List (41 – 60)

41. Small Biz Daily

Small Biz Daily is an enterprise run by three women – Rieva Lesonsky, Maria Valdez Haubrich and Karen Axelton. These three women help small businesses and other budding entrepreneurs through Small Biz Daily by writing about their experiences in the field of entrepreneurship and running small business. Small Biz Daily also has many contributors from the various field writing about their area of work.

42. Small Business CEO

Small Business CEO is a business blogging site that caters to the needs of the CEOs of small businesses. It was started by Steve Rucinski in 2004. However, the ownership changed two times with Anita Campbell acquiring it in 2008. Currently it is owned by Ivan Widjaya who acquired it in 2013. The Small Business CEO site has the following features:

  • A comprehensive list of websites that serves the market of small business.
  • The articles are organized in a way that helps the CEOs get to know all the major aspects of running their business.
  • New articles are added regularly, which keep CEOs updated with the latest trends.

43. is a site for all the budding and small firm lawyers. This site is run by Carolyn Elefant who is a lawyer based out of Washington DC and runs her own law firm. She writes articles on the site, which mainly talk about the latest news stories related to the legal profession. The site caters to the needs of various lawyers who are looking to start their own law firms in future. Apart from writing articles on the site, Carolyn also speaks at a number of law firm events and bar conferences about various issues which is plaguing the practice of law.

44. Mashable

Mashable is an online news site which covers news on topics ranging from social media, technology and digital culture. It was founded by Pete Cashmore in 2005 and is based out of New York. In a short period of time, it has become one of the most popular online news community with more than 34 million unique visitors each month. It has become among the top choices of people who get their daily news update from the Internet. It also has a significant presence on various social media platforms. The small business section of Mashable caters to people running small businesses and provides them with an extensive set of articles about the latest happenings in the small business sector.

45. Small

Small is an organization based out of London, which provides small business owners, start-ups and other entrepreneurs in the UK with various products, services and resources to help them grow their business. It is owned by Vitesse Media Plc. The advice that Small offers is mostly in the form of news articles, tips and guides that will help you walk on the right path. It also has a forum where the small business owners can ask questions to the panel of experts of Small and get answers to the questions instantly.

46. The Small Business Advocate

The Small Business Advocate ensures the delivery of the most relevant information to the entrepreneurs and small business owners. The site provides small businesspeople with content written by the various experts of the business community. Some of the features of the site include:

  • Availability of information in different formats
  • A radio program dedicated solely to small business.
  • Extensive topics on small businesses
  • Interactive form of learning as you can read, listen and ask questions and get the answers immediately

47. B2B Marketing Zone 

B2B Marketing Zone is a blogging and content marketing resource for small business owners. The blog has a lot of valuable information on how business owners can make the most of blogging and content marketing tools. The blog also talks about best practices in running a business blog as well as the cost involved in running a blog.

48. Smart Biz

Smart Biz is where you will find extensive resources related to areas of running a small business. Many small business owners are normally not aware of various business aspects like marketing their products and services online. At Smart Biz you will find many articles written on such topics by some of the best minds in the business world. You can also have your queries related to small business answered by the in-house experts. Smart Biz is owned by Cingle Synergy Inc. and is based in Sacramento, California.

49. Small

Small is an online platform offering content and media, catering to the needs of the small business owners. It aims to help them to overcome the various entrepreneurial challenges. There are two different types of content being posted on the site – Flow Content and Know Content. Flow content mostly consists of news-feed about the latest developments happening in the world of small business while Know content contains the basic information that a small businessperson needs to know to run his/her business successfully. Small was founded by Rex Hammock, who is the owner of Nashville based Hammock Inc.

50. is a website where the owners of small businesses and entrepreneurs get a lot of information and advice about running a small business successfully, especially in UK. It provides critical information at each and every phase of their development. The site has lots of special reports and practical advice, which can come in handy for all the people who have little idea about how to manage their business.

51. The Franchise King

The Franchise King is where you will get to know everything about buying a franchise and the right manner to go about it. The site is owned by Joel Libava, who has a lot to share about owning and managing a franchise. The site will:

  • Help you enhance your chances of success in the ownership of a franchise.
  • Help you significantly lower the risk of making any financial mistake.

The site contains over a 1000 blog posts, videos, free guides, e-books among others.

52. Small Business Branding

Small Business Branding is where you will find a comprehensive list of articles about various aspects of running a small business like branding, advertising and digital marketing. Small Business Branding is owned by Ken Chandler. Small Business Branding has writers who have a vast knowledge about the world of small business and even have relevant experience of running a small business. The articles on the site have been very useful for people looking to start their own business or have an intention of becoming entrepreneurs.

53. Cloud Business Review

At Cloud Business Review, you will get to know about the various facts and figures regarding the world of running a business over cloud. Many small businesses are yet to make full use of the power of cloud, but slowly the scene is changing. There are numerous cloud apps today available in the market, which people can use to build their business. Cloud Business Review helps you by providing a review of a cloud app or service. The site is owned by Ivan Widjaya.

54. is a blog post site owned by Erica Douglass, who was the owner of a web hosting company which she eventually sold for more than one million dollars. She managed to do all this at a young age of 26. With the help of she wants to share with others how she managed to achieve it all and give some more tips to become a successful entrepreneur. She has written a lot of articles about various aspects of running a business, which have proved to be very useful for people who want to become an entrepreneur or start their own small business in future.

55. The Small Business Blog

The Small Business Blog is a blog managed and written by Jason Keith. It is owned by the media conglomerate The blog caters to the needs and desires of the small business owners and entrepreneurs. Jason presents a unique view on the various issues being faced by the small businesses right now both locally and nationally. He has more than ten years of experience working in the field of small business in the New England region. The articles written by him encompasses almost all the aspects of small business.

56. Small Biz Survival

Small Biz Survival is a small business blog which caters to the owners of small businesses in the small towns across the United States. It contains ‘how to’ articles directed towards the small business owners, which contain tips on making their business more visible and popular among the people in their locality. The articles also explain how to generate more revenues. Small Biz Survival was founded in 2006 by an entrepreneur Becky McCray. She believes that the entrepreneurs, especially in the small towns must learn and teach each other for the growth of their towns. Small Biz Survival has won many awards and accolades for its efforts to help the growth of small businesses.

57. Mixergy

Mixergy is a site where you will be introduced to a lot of thinkers, entrepreneurs and go-doers who will be telling their stories about the various business experiences. It uses a unique way of teaching others by interviewing successful entrepreneurs and posting it online, which the users can watch and learn from. Mixergy was founded in 2004 by Andrew Warner, with the aim of helping aspiring entrepreneurs to learn from the experiences of other successful entrepreneurs. Andrew Warner is the one who interviews these successful entrepreneurs who gladly share their unique experience.

58. MSN Money – Small Business Smarts

The Small Business Smarts is a section on the Microsoft Network’s money segment. It caters to the needs of the small business owners about how to make their business viable and run it sustainably over a long period of time. The site contains a number of articles, which talk about some truly off-the-wall topics related to running a business like taking risks and reinventing as well as re-branding it. These articles are written by some of the very successful entrepreneurs who have gone through the grind and want to help others looking to take the road.

59. Firepole Marketing

Firepole Marketing is an internet marketing blog that helps the people wanting to build a sustainable business based on the values that shine a light. It was founded by Danny Iny and Peter Vogopoulos in 2010. They provide their readers with a lot of relevant information about running a business such as engaging with their customers and building relationships, marketing in the digital world and social media, being more creative and innovative among various other things. The blogs are written by some of the most experienced people who have seen it all when it comes to running a business.

60. Danny Brown Blog

Danny Brown is an eminent author and the manager of the social engagements and insights department at the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation. He is responsible for driving the development of the company in social media. He has won numerous awards for his written work. In his blog he addresses the issue of how the social media is playing a crucial role in shaping the marketing strategies of companies. He has worked with many large organizations and helped them drive their business in the social media. The Canadian national frequently speaks his mind at various public forums making him one of the most popular guy in the marketing world.

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