Top 10 Tips for a Copywriter

A good copywriter piques the interest of the reader with the copy, presents his points convincingly, and gets his message across accurately. Unfortunately, there are a whole lot of writers out there who do not realize that simply stringing sentences together does not make a copywriter – this common misconception is all the more reason why good copywriting is so important.

If your copy consistently fails to grab attention, you can consider hiring copywriting companies. Alternatively, following these 10 tips could transform your work into a compelling read:

1. Respect the Reader

Writing down to the reader is the perfect way to show your contempt for him. Unfortunately, it will not earn you any brownie points with him! Always talk to the reader, not at him either. The reader should understand your message without being made to feel like a poorly performing student facing his teachers.

2. Know your Reader Well

Well before you start writing, you should know exactly who your reader is and what he is likely to know about your subject already. Profiling your target audience helps you determine the right style and pace to follow in your copy.

3. Straight Talking Works…

And so does straight writing. Keep your writing simple and direct for maximum impact. Avoid sentences that are long-winded and ambiguous.

4. Involve the Reader Emotionally

Use stories, questions, and examples to evoke an emotional response to your copy. Involving the reader in your ‘story’ is a great way to ensure that he gives it his complete attention.

5. Write to Each Reader, Not an Audience

Address an individual reader instead of your entire audience. Use ‘you’ instead of ‘they’ to make the reader feel like you are talking directly to him.

6. Write Positive

Focus on the benefits or the positives about your topic rather than the downsides. You can mention the negatives to drive home the importance of your idea or solution but a brief mention of these will suffice. Do not hesitate to use superlatives to highlight the positives although unrealistic hype is a no-no.

7. Stick to Timely, Useful Information

If you can choose your topic, ensure that it is one that is current. If the choice is not yours ensure that what you have to say about the topic is timely. In either case, your copy needs to be useful to the reader.

8. Explain, Where Necessary

Although keeping it brief is important for good copy, it is equally important to invest enough words to explain your ideas clearly. Do not expect the reader to accept your views without a convincing explanation for why you believe you are right.

9. Help the Reader Relate

Including simple fictitious examples that help readers relate to your copy works very well. An example allows you to describe, very easily and with the least number of words, a potential situation where your copy can prove invaluable.

10. Making an Interesting Copy

A skilled copywriter can make a serious subject interesting and captivating without having to resort to lightheartedness. But where the subject permits, you should definitely make reading fun. Copy that puts a smile on the reader’s face or tickles his funny bone stays in his mind. Even more important, the reader may actually talk to his friends about this enjoyable article that he recently read. That’s a free advertisement for you. What could be better??!!

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