How to Start a Blog

Imagine this – you have your very own blog that you religiously update every other day to ensure that your readers have something new to read on a continuous basis. However, readers still stop coming to your blog after a few visits. You have two options in this case: figure out a solution that can improve your blogging efforts to drive success, or enlist the services of a professional blog writing agency.

The following blog writing tips and points on how to blog successfully deserve a good look in either case –

Can Your Readers Get a Feel for the ‘Real You’?

When you make a blog, let your personality shine through while giving readers something entertaining, useful, or informative to read. If you have diligently been following the kind of style and tone that other successful bloggers use, then your readers do not get a feel for the ‘real you’. Be yourself and give your natural writing style free rein. This makes your blog flow easily and keeps the tone consistent which is exactly what your readers need!

Invite Opinions from Readers and Encourage Them

A reader who is an active participant in your blog stays loyal to it because he feels like he has a stake in it. Encourage your readers to offer opinions when you make a blog post. If a reader wants you to blog about a specific topic, either comply with the request or explain politely why you cannot do so. Pointing him towards a blog that deals with the topic he requested will earn you his undying loyalty and respect.

Acknowledge valid points made by readers and accept constructive criticism with grace even if it is basic advice about how to blog. Show that you are as interested in their views as you want them to be in your blog posts.

Involve Readers

There are other ways to involve the audience when you make a blog too, by putting up puzzles or games for all to participate in, for example. This creates camaraderie among your readers and kindles their competitive spirit, encouraging them to keep coming back to your blog. Surveys and questionnaires work well if your blog has a more serious audience/ theme. Of course, with these, it is important for you to keep your audience informed about the outcome/ findings/ results.

Keep your Blog in the Spotlight

Blogs that use RSS feeds and email marketing to stay on top of the readers’ minds usually retain their audience with ease. Stay active in online forums and mention your blog when the information it has is can really be useful. Marketing yourself and promoting your blog in this way is welcomed by readers if they can really benefit from it.

Add Visual Impact

Wherever it is possible, add some visual aids to enhance the impact of our blog. Visuals break up the tedium of a text-heavy blog and they can serve several different purposes in addition. A funny picture can add some much-needed lightheartedness to a serious discussion.

A video can make confusing ‘How to..’ tutorials easy to follow. Photos can bring the ‘real you’ closer to your readers. In short, using the right kind of visuals and videos is a creative way to communicate much more effectively.

A blog needs to be dynamic, enjoyable, and interesting to retain its reader base. No matter what your blog is about- your personal experiences, professional advice, ‘how to’ tutorials, or anything else, you can surely make it an enjoyable/ interesting read. This is exactly the kind of blog that attracts and retains a good number of readers.