4 Creative Ways To Hype Up Your Next Blog Post

Many bloggers create quality content and call it a day. They don’t realize that a lot more needs to happen in order to make a blog successful. Eye-catching titles, great images, excellent content will all go to waste if the promotion is lacking. Bloggers take months or even years to figure this out and start connecting with people who might be interested in what they have to say. To take it a step further, promoting a blog post even before it’s published is a great way to get more viewers. You can use these 4 tips to create hype for your blog posts:

  • Use your acquaintances

On social media, you tend to have so many “friends” and connections that you are not close with. These lesser connections are not significant in real life and you can use them to promote you blog posts. Ask for their permission and start sending them your blog posts through personal chat and see if they are willing to share it on their own pages. Even if you reach a meager 5 people, they all have their audiences to spread your content to.

  • Influencers

Influencers are your key to success. They have everything you want – expertise, followers, views and shares. Connecting with them and having them willing to promote your blog when it’s published will make sure that your content will reach all their countless followers. You will gain tons of views from this method, the key is to approach them the right way. Depending on the platform of your promotion, there are different ways to approach influencers. However, there are some general rules that you can follow to increase your chances – don’t bombard them with emails, always ask for permission before sending the post and be respectful when you receive criticism/feedback.

  • Email companies mentioned in your post

One of the simplest ways to get promotion is to email the brands, companies and apps that you have mentioned in your post. For this to be successful, your first email is the most crucial as it dictates how a brand sees you and your audience. Save the sales pitch for later, keep you first email short and get to the point quickly. Remember that brands receive thousands of emails a day and nobody has the time to go through a 3 page introduction about yourself.

  • The Content Roadshow Technique

Brian Dean developed the Content Roadshow Technique as a means of generating as many back links and promote your content as much as possible.  It is basically finding other bloggers that are relevant to your niche by Googling keywords. Once you find these bloggers, you ask them if they would like to read and share your content and then send it to them. Doing this ensures that you’re not senselessly marketing and makes the other bloggers want to read and share the content.

Experienced bloggers will tell you that you not only have to learn from your own mistakes but also from the mistakes of others. Keep an eye on the others in your industry’s trends and happenings and use them to your advantage. Lastly, your blog posts are a representation of you, make sure that they’re of the highest quality before you do promotions.

Image: Designed by Freepik