How to Claim Google+ Authorship of Your Online Content

Almost everybody must have seen the new author bios that show up on Google search results. Along with the link and the picture, and a small description of the author show up below the search result of some articles. This is possible with the help of Google+ where Google links all content created by the author to the author’s profile on Google+. In fact, authorship and AuthorRank are important ranking signals for the latest Google search algorithms.

Content creators can claim Google+ authorship quite easily even if they do not know how to code using HTML. Authorship is possible by adding the rel=”author” attribute but this attribute must be added to the website where the content is hosted.

This video is a boon for all content creators who want to establish credibility online. In this video Matt Cutts and Othar Hansson talk about the importance of Google+ authorship and how it works. They also give a very detailed step by step set of instructions to add rel=”author” attribute to websites and blogs. Single author websites and blogs and multi author websites and blogs can now watch this video and understand how to claim Google+ authorship for their content easily.