How to Claim Google+ Authorship of Your Online Content

Almost everybody must have seen the new author bios that show up on Google search results. Along with the link and the picture, and a small description of the author show up below the search result of some articles. This is possible with the help of Google+ where Google links all content created by the author to the author’s profile on Google+. In fact, authorship and AuthorRank are important ranking signals for the latest Google search algorithms.

AuthorRank to Play a Major Role in Search Rankings in 2013

So far SEO experts had to worry mainly about PageRank. It is an important metric that measures the quality of a web page, which in turn affects the final web rank of the page. This metric along with page authority and domain authority gauges the overall web page quality. Earlier, the quality of content was determined by search engines based on the authority of the web page. Now Google has just made it official that a new metric known as AuthorRank will take into account the authority of the individual writing the content. Also known as AgentRank in the patent filed by Google, this quality metric will be taken into consideration when search results are generated. Experts predict that AuthorRank will bring about major changes in SEO in 2013.