Create Effective International Social Media Marketing Campaigns

Most social media marketers and companies stick to Facebook and Twitter for all their social media and content marketing campaigns. In this global economy where valuable customers and leads need to be found from all countries to expand companies, these social media channels are not enough. With over a billion active users and because it is the top social networking platform in many countries, Facebook is the safe choice but there are many other social networks that you have probably never heard of that are more popular than Facebook in quite a few countries.

Have you Heard About Sulia? The New Social Network on the Block

Every Internet user is a part of one or the other social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest and new social networking platforms are launched almost daily. The social networking world is evolving everyday and developers are finding new ways to bring users together. One small start-up has figured out a way to gather new users around a specific type of content and their common interests. Sulia – is a new subject-based social service that let’s you follow topics that you are interested in instead of following other users. For example, you can follow all the content about your favorite local football team instead of separate team-related users.