Tips to Boost your Pinterest Marketing Strategy

As a social media marketer, you must have your hands full with Facebook and Twitter marketing. This does not mean that you can ignore the rising star in the social media landscape – Pinterest. Granted that it is a photo sharing website that had a lukewarm response when it was launched – but now this photo-sharing platform has more than 20 million users – most of whom are very active. Pinterest is now one of the biggest social networking platforms – at par with Facebook, Twitter and Google+ and is also one of the biggest photo sharing applications after Instagram. In fact, a recent Nielsen report indicates that more than 20% of Pinterest users purchased a product after seeing it on Pinterest.

Online Marketers, Find the Right Keywords!

What do online marketers do in crunch time situations? According to Ethan Lyon – SEO consultant at SEER Interactive, they go to the Google Adwords Tool, find popular keywords, stuff it in the content and post this so called optimized content. However, this is often not enough.

Should you Make the Switch to Windows 8?

Microsoft comes out with a jaunty new version of Windows in what seems like every decade. This time they seem to have skipped a few pages to begin a brand new chapter with Windows 8.

How to Newsjack Like A Pro

Awesome newsjackers can find a news item somewhat or barely related to their companies and turn it into a massively popular blog post, press release or even a social media campaign. An inbound or content marketer needs to be such a newsjacker. Contrary to popular belief, there is nothing shadowy and murky about newsjacking. Newsjackers are online marketers who are able to capitalize on the popularity of any news story and direct web traffic in their direction by being able to look at unrelated but popular breaking news items from a completely different angle that is relevant to the industries they are in.

How to Stop Worrying about Google and Start Growing Online

There’s no denying that Google has come to influence way too much in the online world. So much so that webmasters have to constantly keep in touch with what’s Google up to, to ensure that their websites constantly feed on the much needed traffic.

1st on the List Team Share Their views on SEO Industry Trends

As our interview series draws to an end, we managed to quiz the entire team at 1st on the List to get quality tips on the latest trends in the market. Chris and his team came up with some really insightful predictions and insights on the industry.

What is the Right Keyword Density on a Page?

Keyword density is one of the key factors content creators think of most. Keywords are basically the terms people type into the search bar to get search results and web content writers often think that the more number of times they can mention keywords in a copy the higher their web pages will rank. This may have been true in the earlier days of Google search where a lot of websites used keyword stuffing to successfully raise their ranks. However, current search engine algorithms and the Penguin and Panda updates have ensured that content and not the keyword density matters most for the ranking of webpages.

Online Marketing Thought Leadership Interview Series

You may have come across several reports on online marketing trends and developments. But information on what you can learn from the latest trends and how you can use them to improve your marketing campaign is few and far between. What you need is helpful tips and rock solid advice.