Make eBooks an Important Part of Your Content Marketing Strategy

Most businesses are now realizing the importance of eBooks in their overall marketing strategy. Unlike the short content they are used to publishing on blogs and social media platforms, eBooks can be very useful for increasing brand awareness. Most people are now moving from desktops to hand-held devices like iPads and tablets that are perfect for such long form documents.

See What Young Successful Entrepreneurs Say About Marketing Using Ebooks – Part I

Most businesses have still not realized the importance of ebooks in their marketing strategy. Even though they have exceptional social media marketing strategies using Facebook, Twitter, etc. and have effective email marketing campaigns, the lack of an ebook marketing strategy is an important marketing opportunity that has been missed.

Tactilize Simplifies Publishing Content on iPads

Millions of people around the world own and use iPads everyday. Every time a new version is released, people go into a frenzy. What if you could tap into this huge market base? What if you could share your ebooks, articles, photos, videos, etc. with all these iPad users? A new iPad app called Tactilize has been created just for this.