How to Ensure That Google Knows Your Content is Original

In a perfect world, no one would rip off the content from your website and use it on theirs and Google would be perfectly aware about who the original author of the content is. Creating original content is a major struggle for most companies and content creators. Some people even take the easy route and copy content from other sources. Although Google is now coming down severely on low-quality websites, it is quite hard for Google search algorithms to figure out who is the original author of any piece of content and which are the websites that copied the content.

Great Content that Performs Well in Google Search Results

The ultimate goal of any content marketer or a content marketing campaign is to ensure that the online content allows a website to rank well on Google search results. In a bid to improve rankings quickly, there are many companies and marketers who have resorted to black hat SEO techniques like keyword stuffing, buying links, etc. that can not only lower the quality of your content but can also get your website penalized. So what does Google suggest? How do you create content that performs well in Google search results? In this video, Alexi Douvas – member of the Google Search Quality Team, explains how people can create content that can help improve the rankings of websites.

Users Can Now Create Their Own Magazines for Tablets using Flipboard

Flipboard is an extremely popular app for tablets that allows users to view content by flipping through it like they would to read a magazine. Flipboard presents tablet-friendly content to users in an attractive manner and people love it so much that this application was able to attract close to 50 million users in a very short span of time.

Utilitarian Content Marketing is The Need of the Hour

If recent trends are to be believed, people do not want glitz and glamour. Practicality and relevancy seems to be of the utmost importance for customers and readers. Sadly, very few companies are thinking of utilitarian content marketing and most are using content marketing channels to churn out as much marketing material as they can. You may think that content marketing is free and people will flock towards your published content only because they don’t have to pay for it. This is not true and it is no reason to create fluff-filled, content pieces that only serve to market your company’s products. As with other forms of marketing, utilitarian seems to be the key and gone are the days when content was just another form of advertisement.

Get on the Content Marketing Bandwagon Now!

As we reported earlier – a survey by Econsultancy shows that more than 70% of respondents are looking to increase their content marketing budgets in 2013. Also, the latest Panda and Penguin updates to the Google search engine algorithm have changed the ways of SEO. The new updates mean that content is king and only good, valuable, original and relevant content gets top billing. Companies – especially small businesses are now in a hurry to produce as much online content as they can. However, this has lead to a lot of spammy content where the focus is more on volume and not quality and such content is not only ineffective but can hurt the content marketing campaign of the company.

SEO Best Practices Versus Great Content – Which one Does Google Prefer?

Most web writers and SEO experts have conflicting views about what is more essential for higher page ranks – SEO techniques or good content. Most content creators and web masters think that unless they write great HTML code that validates well along with the content, their website will not be found by web crawlers or bots. This may actually not be true! Matt Cutts, Head of Google Webspam team, has some interesting insights to offer on the subject.

Take the Content Marketing Pledge with Rand Fishkin!

Content marketing is absolutely essential for any business in the current markets as it is one of the most effective ways to expand a customer base, build brand image and reputation and in turn to help the company grow. Although many companies want to take advantage of the Internet era, very few have succeeded in doing so as most companies have very skewed ideas about what content marketing is. Content marketing is part of the overall inbound marketing strategy of a company. Inbound marketing has a natural network effect that allows the company to lower its cost of customer acquisition.

6 Companies That GET Content Marketing!

The Internet has turned marketing strategies on its head. It has leveled the playing ground and has crowded the market. It is much tougher to stand out in the current markets as there are so many companies fighting for breathing space. Brands now have to attract audiences on their own – without the help of big advertising companies or PR firms. Companies must not only reach potential audiences and customers via social networks, they must also publish online content that is noteworthy and also effectively markets the brand.

5 Content Marketing Tips for e-Commerce Websites

Content marketing is critical for e-commerce websites. It helps bring the right kind of customers and build business credibility. Great content also helps the site stand out from millions of other e-commerce websites that has flooded the Internet. No matter how well the content is optimized for search engines, if the content is of low quality then sales will be average. Here are five great content marketing tips that you should not ignore for your e-commerce website.