Top 99 Social Media Marketing Blogs List (61 – 80)

61. Pushing Social

Pushing Social is a blog founded by Stan Smith, who is also the managing director of the blog. Stan is a business growth strategist and uses social media tools to help companies and individual business owners achieve competitive advantage. Pushing Social ensures that people harness their potential and achieve their business objectives.

62. Social Barrel

Social Barrel is a company founded by a group of social media enthusiasts. It covers all aspects of social media including the latest trends and news-feeds, as well as many interesting stories. The company mainly caters to an audience that is eager to know about bloggers, entrepreneurs, and mobile technology among other subjects. It also helps business owners gain a broader online audience.

63. Social Marketing Fella

Social Marketing Fella is a blog-post maintained and managed by Andre Bourque, an inbound marketing specialist based in San Francisco. The blog has received a lot of positive reviews in a very short time. It is currently among the top social media marketing sites, and caters to a vast network of clients.

64. Krishna De

Biz Growth News is a personal blog-post of Krishna De, a renowned content marketing and digital communications strategist. She helps business owners integrate their social media and content marketing policies with their business strategies. She helps companies build a strong reputation and become more visible in their home markets.

65. Social Media Delivered

Social Media Delivered is one of the most sought after social media companies, founded in 2008 by Eve Mayer. It has the expertise in leveraging the various social media tools available to ensure that its clients get the most optimum results. The company is known for providing a multitude of successful strategies to its clients.

66. Social Caffeine

Social Caffeine caters to the needs of organizations regarding all their social media requirements such as blogging tips, engagement strategies, marketing advice, and much more. The company, founded by Lori Taylor, believes in delivering good outcomes that require smart processes. Taylor is also the executive editor of Social Caffeine, and David Masters is the lead writer.

67. Marketing Profs

Marketing Profs is one of the leading social media marketing companies today that offers its clients extensive know-how on the latest trends in the world of social media, marketing strategy, and e-mail marketing. The company was founded by Allen Weiss back in the year 2000. He is also the CEO of the company.

68. Social Steve

Social Steve is the personal blog of Steve Goldner, a digital marketing executive consultant as well as a social media thought leader. His blogs are mostly on the topic of social media and its influence on the world of marketing. Steve has vast experience in the field of marketing leadership and he also speaks in various events and forums. He is based out of New York City.

69. Social is an organization that aims to help companies engage with their customers in a much better way through social media, making their businesses a lot more meaningful and successful. The organization works with the change agents to make a difference to the fortune of the business. With inputs from, companies can run a very effective social media program.

70. Social Media News

Social Media News is a company based in Australia that covers the current trends and news in the world of social media, especially in Australia. It showcases the major social media events taking place in Australia and acts as a media partner for a wide range of industry events. The company was founded and created by David Cowling.

71. Social

Social Media Biz is a company that helps organizations engage with their customers through social media. It ensures that organizations come up with their own social media action plan that helps them in identifying certain key opportunities to increase their business’s bottom-line. Social Media Biz has been in the business of online campaign and strategic marketing since 2005.

72. Social Media Group

Social Media Group is a social media agency founded by Maggie Fox. She has her own blog where she writes about the current news and trends in the social media world. With her extensive experience in social media, she helps out small business owners in improving their social media strategy to make their businesses more profitable.

73. Useful Social Media

Useful Social Media is a company that primarily helps large corporations make the maximum use of social media to achieve better results. It provides its clients with briefings and other relevant detailed business intelligence reports. It was founded by Nick Johnson back in 2009 and is based in the United Kingdom.

74. SMM Magazine

Social Media Marketing Magazine is a publication that helps organizations, entrepreneurs, and small business owners maneuver through the labyrinth of social media. It helps them gain a broad understanding of the right ways to accomplish their marketing goals by employing effective tactics, strategies, and best practices. It was founded by Kent Huffman and Chuck Martin.

75. Smart Insights

Smart Insights helps organizations and business managers with integrated digital marketing strategies. The company comes up with a planned and strategic approach to ensure that its clients improve are commercially successful. It provides comprehensive, fact-based, and structured actions. Smart Insights was founded by Dave Chaffey, Dan Bosomworth, and Stu Miller.

76. Social Media Markering

Social Media Marketing is an organization that enables companies to come up with and successfully implement a powerful social media campaign that will help increase the online traffic, enhance the generation of sales and lead, and promote the brand. With the rising potential of social media, it has become very important to create a social community around a company to ensure constant communication between business partners and clients. Social Media Marketing’s campaign goes beyond the online world to generate and promote sales.

77. Social Media Strategies Summit

Social Media Strategy Summit is an organization under GSMI that conducts conferences. It creates an ideal environment for networking and learning to ensure that its clients have access to the best quality services. It focuses more on leadership development, performance management, risk management, and corporate social responsibility, among other things. The company has its own blog that contains posts on the latest trends and news in social media, with many freelance writers contributing to it.

78. Our Social Times

Our Social Times is an organization that provides its clients with highly functional social media strategies and management, marketing, and monitoring services. Apart from this, it also provides courses in social media through webinars and conferences. The company was founded by Luke Brynley Jones and is based in Cambridge, United Kingdom. It maintains and manages its own blog on social media with posts written by in-house writers

79. Uber Marketing

Uber Marketing is the personal blog-post of Shell Robshaw-Bryan, a professional blogger and marketing consultant based in Cheshire, United Kingdom. She helps companies, small and big, in improving their social media strategies. She uses social media as an SEO and CRM tool to help companies achieve their marketing objectives. Through her blog, she provides insights and advice on content marketing, online marketing, and social media to website owners as well as other marketing professionals.

80. Business Bee

Business Bee is an organization that primarily caters to the marketing needs of small businesses and individual business owners. It provides its clients with tools and resources to help them run their business efficiently. It offers its clients the best technology guides and downloadable tools that are crucial for running a business. The company is based in Salt Lake City, Utah, and has a blog that covers the latest news in the field of social media.

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