The Wait for iPhone 6 – What Users Expect from Tim Cook

Apple Inc. commands a rabid fan base that other companies wish they had. However, their popularity and the loyalty from their followers are well deserved considering the company makes some of the most exciting and innovative gadgets.

The iPhone 5S was a rousing success and made it to the top of the best and most wanted smartphone lists in 2013. With the new fingerprint scanner, better battery life, faster processor and a much better camera, Apple loyalists were extremely happy with the i Phone 5S. However, this doesn’t mean that this smartphone was perfect with no scope for improvements. Here are some things that fans want from the iPhone 6.

Bigger display

The iPhone 6 is rumored to be released this year but iPhone users are already clamoring for new features. One of the biggest problems that users had with the iPhone 5S was the size of the screen. This is why consumers are pushing for a bigger screen on the iPhone 6. This will make it easier and more enjoyable to watch videos and other visual content on the iPhone. People who use multiple devices are aware that their iPhones are always the smallest. This should change with the iPhone 6.

Wireless charging

Android devices are surging ahead of the iPhone as they are offering the consumers with features that make it more convenient to use their devices. The Nexus 5 has earned rave reviews for its wireless charging feature and this could be a huge hit among iPhone users too. A simple accessory that allows the users to charge their iPhones without the wires when needed won’t be too hard for Apple to provide.

Near Field Communication (NFC)

NFC is a set of communication standards that allow smartphones and other mobile devices to connect with one another when they are placed a few inches away without the need for cables or wires. NFC allows for quick transfer of data and other smartphone manufactures and app developers have used this technology for numerous purposes. However, the iPhone has always lagged behind in adopting NFC technologies. Users want this feature in the iPhone 6 and are hoping that Tim Cook is listening.

Improved camera

The iPhone 5S did have a good camera that was a vast improvement from the one on the previous iPhone device. However, iPhones don’t come cheap and other devices in the same price range from other companies are sporting better cameras. In fact, some phones that are cheaper offer better camera specs than the one on the iPhone 5S. Even if the pixel count remains the same, users are hoping that the camera on the iPhone 6 will have enhanced low-light capabilities, contrast and brightness.

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