Top 6 Chrome Extensions That Simplify Content Marketing

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If you’re a content marketer or just interested in content marketing, in general, then you’ve probably heard of innumerable tools and resources to get content from. You’re less likely to have heard of Chrome extensions that are made specifically for content marketers. These extensions serve a variety of purposes, all of which are aimed to make content marketing a breeze. If you’re looking for some help with your content marketing efforts, you can find it right in your browser with these 6 great tools:



DrumUp is a web and android app that is meant for content marketing and social media management. Its Chrome extension is great for content discovery. All you have to do is click on the DrumUp extension on your toolbar and you’re presented with a drop down menu that suggests content based on what you’re reading. The content it suggests is relevant and picked up from trusted sources. You can share the content you want from the drop down menu to your social media accounts by logging in. You can even schedule the content to be posted later or even add your own custom posts. The UI for both the extension and the mobile app is clean, simple and efficient. The DrumUp Chrome extension and mobile app work seamlessly to help you get your content out in time and cut down the time you spend on curating content. Both the extension and the apps are completely free.

drumup work’s Chrome extension lets you share interesting content you find while browsing, instantly. When you want to share something with your audience, all you have to do is click on the Sniply extension button and it opens up a menu that lets you customize and share. The biggest advantage of using Sniply is that it shortens the link that you post and lets you attach a customizable call to action banner at the bottom of the page for every post. In the free version, there are limited customization options but you can still change the links and the text. The shortened link also helps you keep track of the analytics.
Although it doesn’t support scheduling, it can be integrated with a variety of apps to serve your needs better.

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Grammarly is a tool that eliminates grammar errors from anything you write on the web – be it a Twitter status, LinkedIn posts, emails or essays. In the free version, you can fix a 100 types of errors, get content optimized synonym suggestions, detect poor vocabulary usage and other errors by using the extension. Their algorithms are built by experienced linguistic technologists to improve your writing. Buying the full version of this app unlocks a multitude of other features that improve your writing style immensely. If you are a content marketer, this great tool could save you from the grammar nazis out there when you’re working in a hurry and juggling multiple writing projects.

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Pocket’s Chrome extension lets you save anything you want, from anywhere on the web, for later viewing. You can add a page to your pocket dashboard by simply clicking on the Pocket extension button on your toolbar. Saving content immediately while browsing, allows you to curate content and get information more efficiently. Once you’ve saved desired content, you can share it on your social media accounts or send it through email by using their website or app. Their website or app also brings you the latest trending posts in the “Recommended” section. The extension and the app also let you organize all your saved content into lists so that you can navigate through them and find what you’re looking for easily.

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OneTab is an unique tool that is very helpful for content marketers. If you are into content marketing then you’re bound to have a lot of open tabs when scouring for good content. Eventually, you can’t keep up with all your tabs and close most of them. This means that you only read a small part of what you initially wanted to and probably miss the important content. To prevent this from happening OneTab lets you save all the links for open tabs in a list before you close them. Even if you close the browser completely, OneTab still saves the links. These lists can be viewed later and you can open each link individually or restore them all at once. You can even share this list of links with colleagues and friends.

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RiteTag‘s Chrome extension is extremely useful for posting on social media. The extension has a variety of functions and works across 14 different sites including Twitter, Facebook and Google+. The tool suggests images/gifs, memes, and emojis that you can add to your post. It also gives you hashtag stats and color codes them so you know which ones are trending and relevant. It integrates with a lot of apps and has a ton of other features including tinyURLs, bulk uploads, and analytics.

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So there you have it folks! 6 great tools that make life as a content marketer easier and less time-consuming. These extensions are mostly free but some of these apps need to be upgraded to get access to all their features. All of them serve different purposes – so you can make them work together to suit your needs.

Image via: DigitalRalph at Flickr