The Secrets behind Successful Brands

Branding strategies employed by all successful companies have a few things in common. Small business owners can also use these brand building secrets to strengthen their own brands. Here are the top 3 secrets.

Focus on the most loyal customer base

It is impossible to please everyone. The next best thing you can do is target your most loyal client base. Creating a highly customized and focused experience is the best way to incorporate the brand in your customers’ routine lives and make it indispensable. For this you need to know exactly who your customers are and what they want. For instance, ‘women’ is too broad a category, you need to be more focused e.g. new mothers.

Offer emotional benefit

Functionalities, figures and facts are not enough to differentiate your brand from the others, you need to associate it with some emotion. For instance, if you run a restaurant, claiming to satisfy people’s hunger is not enough, you need to offer something more like fresh home cooked meals.

Maintain consistency in the experience offered

Building a brand is all about offering value to customers by creating an experience. For successful branding, the experience should be applied across all the brand touch points. This should be explained to everyone associated with the brand including copywriters, logo designers and sales staff. Inappropriate behavior on part of even a single sales executive can seriously damage your brand image.