How to Use Pinterest Effectively for Business – Part III

As a continuation of the pointers elaborated in ‘ Pinterest As Part of Your Social Media Management Strategy for Business – Part II ‘ – here are a few more pointers on how to draw attention to your business through Pinterest.

Do not limit yourself to promoting products

It is understandable that you would want to promote only your products while using Pinterest. However, you should also post news and other interesting information that is related to your industry. Sometimes, products from other companies can be posted if you think they are good enough. Pinterest has a small but smart user base which can spot if a particular user is concentrating only on promoting products.

Following the leaders

This is a concept that has worked really well on Twitter. You follow someone who is a big figure on the platform and it is possible that the user follows you back. This will get the attention of a lot of users to your profile. If you find someone pinning your products, you should follow them and invariably, they will follow you back.

Create product bundles exclusive to Pinterest

You can use Pinterest to create custom pinboards for your products. You can take this a step further and create a pinboard which has a particular collection of products. For instance, if you have a store that offers party supplies, then you can create a Pinterest board which has graduation party supplies and offer it at a discounted price. Promote these product bundles on other social media services like Facebook and Twitter with the help of fun and interesting discount slogans. You can hire a professional copywriter to write you lines that really grab attention.

Remember not to limit yourself to the above mentioned methods. The best way to utilize Pinterest’s power is by getting creative. Try utilizing the various features offered by the platform to get more eyes on your business.