How to Make Your Headline Grab Attention

The single most important objective of any internet marketing exercise is to grab the reader’s attention. The impact of your content majorly lies in how interesting your headline is – the benefits of copywriting may be futile if the headline/title isn’t captivating enough.

Since the headline of your page is the first thing that a reader sees, it should get some extra attention. Achieving the perfect attention grabber headline is not an easy task, so using a copywriting service might be a good idea. But it’s also useful to learn how to avoid common mistakes.


Make it STAND OUT!

The purpose of your headline is to catch the reader’s eye so you need to make it really stand out on your page. Use capitalization, make it bold, or even color it to let it literally ‘leap’ out of the page. Avoid using flowery fonts for your headline as this dissipates the impact. Clear, bold lettering works best. Another strategy to make your copy stand out to your readers is to use impactful words to convey your message in the shortest way possible.

Always on Top

No matter how unusual and unique you want your webpage to be, always keep the headline on the top. Although this may seem too ‘commonplace’ for your unique webpage, this is where your reader expects it to be, so this is a landing page copy rule that you MUST follow. If he doesn’t find it here, he may simply leave your webpage to visit one that is more in sync with his expectations.

Keep it Succinct

A headline should always be direct and succinctly make its point. It should not deviate from its purpose of grabbing the reader’s attention by introducing ideas that digress from the theme of your webpage. For example, if you are selling a water bed, talk about the problems of the potential customer that your bed can solve. Be specific and focused so that the reader is convinced that your product is the only solution to his problems. There are some awesome copy examples to draw inspiration from all over the web if you’re looking for references.


If your current headline does not catch the eye of your readers, then it is time for it to get a complete makeover. Use these ideas to transform your headline so that it grabs the most attention possible. If you still find it hard to come up with that perfect headline, hire a good SEO copywriter to do it for you.