e-Commerce Website Mistakes to Avoid – Part I

Many people might be on the verge of purchasing something from an e-commerce website but then something happens and they decide not to. The reasons for doing so can be many, and are outlined here as well.

They might be tired of entering personal details on multiple occasions or they may not have been interested after they saw the shipping charge. If you want to run an e-commerce website, you should avoid the following common mistakes.

Slow loading site

We live in a fast paced world and people want their online shopping experience to be quick and hassle free. Studies have revealed that every two seconds in loading time for the web page leads to an abandonment rate of 8%. However, if you flip the above scenario on its head and decrease the load time by 2 seconds, the conversion rate will see a significant jump.

The answer to this problem seems quite simple – to make your site load faster. The problem is that many site owners do not know how to do so. Using too many social media plug-ins is a very important factor in slowing a site down. Also, if you are using a content delivery network (CDN), then problems with your service provider can have a serious impact on your website performance.

Overly-complicated sites

If the process of placing an order on your site is overly complicated, you can be sure that the conversion rates will not be very encouraging. A good e-commerce site will take 5 steps to complete the entire process. The first part is selecting the products. The second part is the billing section. After that you have the shipping section followed by the payment module and the confirmation page. To make the steps of the process more clear and concise, hire a good copywriter to keep the wordiness to a minimum.