Bing Accounts for Over 30% of all Searches in the US

At last Bing seems to be getting it right. According to the latest Experian Hitwise data, Yahoo and Bing together account for 30.01% of all the searches conducted in the US. On its own, Bing powered search accounts for 14.32% of all US searches. The search engine has grown by five percent month-over-month and sixteen percent year-over-year. Yahoo is also growing at a decent rate of five percent month-over-month and seven percent year-over-year.

On the other hand, things don’t seem so rosy for Google. Recent Hitwise data indicates that the searches on Google are down by five percent year-over-year and three percent month-over-month. Last month Google accounted for 64.5% of all the US searches down from 66.69% in March. Other smaller search engines account for less than 7% of the overall searches conducted by Americans.

As far as business owners are concerned, this means that Google is not the only player in search engine marketing space. The slow but steady rise of Bing has not gone unnoticed among marketers. Recent studies show that an increasing number of marketers are turning to Bing for their search needs. When moving to a new search engine for marketing your products or services, make sure that your web content writer is aware of the change in audience and that the content is aligned to suit the needs of the new target group.

Although Bing continues to lose money and the rumors about Microsoft trying to convince Facebook to purchase the search engine refuse to go away, the latest data proves that the software giant’s persistence is finally paying off. The Bingo-Yahoo partnership has started eating into Google’s still substantial lead. At less than 15%, Bing on its own is still a niche player, but crossing the 30% milestone is certainly an impressive achievement for the partnership.