Facebook is Now Testing New Link Formats and Icons in News Feeds

Facebook appears to be adding new changes to the news feed and timeline frequently to be able to give users the best possible user experience. It is obvious that visual content is more interesting and eye-catching than plain textual content and the social networking giant is making a push towards improving the prominence of pictures in news feeds and timelines of users. Facebook is testing two link formats – both of which are geared towards increasing the prominence of the images associated with links.

Yet Another Facebook Change – This Time to The Newsfeed!

The Facebook Open Graph has allowed developers to create numerous types of applications based on all the core Facebook activities, but these applications are generating so much data that Facebook is unable to stream them in newsfeeds. To allow users to get all the information related to them and the applications they are using on their news feeds, Facebook appears to be changing the design of the newsfeed. With the new newsfeed design, Facebook is looking to stuff as much data as possible into the newsfeeds so that users do not miss out on any Open Graph information.

Facebook Launches Graph Search – Do We Hear More Competition for Google?

Facebook has just launched what Mark Zuckerberg has christened “the third pillar” of the Facebook experience – the Graph Search. Is this Facebook’s answer to Google’s Knowledge Graph? The Graph Search is still in the Beta phase but it is a tool that helps navigate the Facebook Graph. The Facebook Graph is the name given to the tools that allow people to map their relationships with other Facebook users and their interests. As Facebook has over a billion users, this is a huge addition to Facebook. Along with the News Feed and the Facebook Timeline, the Graph Search will help define user experience with Facebook.

Use Facebook Edgerank to your Advantage – Part I

Now businesses have a new algorithm to worry about. Panda and Penguin algorithms released by Google caused quite a stir among online marketers and now the buzz is about Facebook’s new algorithm. The social media giant has released a new algorithm named “Edgerank” that dictates the visibility of Facebook pages. It is not enough to just create brand pages and post content anymore; content must now be optimized according to the new algorithm.