Take the Content Marketing Pledge with Rand Fishkin!

Content marketing is absolutely essential for any business in the current markets as it is one of the most effective ways to expand a customer base, build brand image and reputation and in turn to help the company grow. Although many companies want to take advantage of the Internet era, very few have succeeded in doing so as most companies have very skewed ideas about what content marketing is. Content marketing is part of the overall inbound marketing strategy of a company. Inbound marketing has a natural network effect that allows the company to lower its cost of customer acquisition.

The Content Marketing Juggernaut that is Red Bull!

Red Bull is more than an energy drink maker – it is a huge publishing brand too. Their publishing prowess rivals that of major publishing companies with content that is extraordinary and extremely popular. Red Bull does not advertise a drink, it advertises a lifestyle. It is now being considered the shining beacon in the advertising world. One look at their website’s homepage and you will be able to the see the “Just Epic” tab.

Use Instagram to Boost your Social Media Marketing Strategy – Part 1

Instagram is the new player in the social networking world. The user base of this simple photo sharing application has exploded in recent times and has gained a lot of attention from social media marketers. It was originally created to allow Apple device users to add filters to images and to share them with other Instagram users. People immediately latched on to this product as it allowed them to transform photos to look like old acetate film based photos and Polaroids. It is now available on Android devices and currently boasts over 80 million registered users. If you could reach out to such a large market base, imagine the effect it would have on your business.

The Secrets of Successful Content Marketing

Are you sure about the effectiveness of your content? Businesses are beginning to realize the benefits of attractive online and offline content. The term content marketing is being thrown around a lot these days but most people do not know how to effectively market their published content.