These Are the Worst Types of Blogs You Can Create!

Companies and individuals often, in their enthusiasm, start blogs without thinking of how to develop them further. As a result, a company blog suddenly starts publishing articles on cooking, recipes, music, and a bunch of other topics that are in no way related to the company or their message. So how do you think your customers will react when you they go to your blog looking for technical articles and all they find are cute cat videos? Of the millions of blogs on the internet, very few become popular for all the right reasons. Bad publicity for company blogs should be avoided at all costs by any company as this will eventually hurt the company’s brand image. So what are the types of blogs that you must avoid to give credibility to your blog?

Top 5 Corporate Blogs That Make Us All Look Bad

Most companies fill their blogs with promotions and company announcements. These types of blog posts may be informative to existing customers but they are not share-worthy. However, there are some companies – large multinational ones in fact, that do not bank only on their brand names to attract visitors to their blogs. As in the first rule of blogging – these companies have generated excellent and original content for their blogs that has prompted many users to share and link back to them.

3 Steps to a Successful Business Blog

A good blog can greatly improve a company’s online popularity and help with your website’s search engine optimization too. For a business to reap the benefit from a good blog, it has to be interesting, well written and managed.