Blog Topics Businesses Must Avoid at All Costs!

Blogs help businesses attract more web traffic and establish companies or employees as thought leaders or experts in their field. But most business bloggers get too caught up in promoting their companies and products, forgetting that their audience wants more than just promotion from the blog! The rush to produce a large volume of content for blogs also sometimes pushes content writers to churn out poorly written blog posts on irrelevant topics.

Six Blogging Tips for E-commerce Websites

Many big organizations and small businesses maintain their blogs, but latest surveys indicate that e-commerce retailers are yet to implement this solution. If you are one such e-tailer, understand that a business blog is a powerful tool to engage your customers and build a sustained rapport with them. Blogging is an important part of any site optimization effort, the objective being to make your brand more visible, encourage more visitors to your site, and give income a boost.

Which Platform is Better for SEO – Blogger or WordPress?

Out of the various blogging platforms available on the Internet currently, WordPress and Blogger are the most popular ones and content marketers, individuals and companies use both these platforms judiciously. Blogger may have revolutionized publishing on the Internet when it was launched but WordPress trumped it in popularity by being more customizable. However, does one platform offer better search engine optimization than the other? Does blogging on one platform ensure that your blog has higher rankings on search results? Matt Cutts – famed head of the Google Webspam team, breaks down the advantages and disadvantages of both blogging platforms in this video and tells us which one is better for SEO.