Which Platform is Better for SEO – Blogger or WordPress?

Out of the various blogging platforms available on the Internet currently, WordPress and Blogger are the most popular ones and content marketers, individuals and companies use both these platforms judiciously. Blogger may have revolutionized publishing on the Internet when it was launched but WordPress trumped it in popularity by being more customizable. However, does one platform offer better search engine optimization than the other? Does blogging on one platform ensure that your blog has higher rankings on search results? Matt Cutts – famed head of the Google Webspam team, breaks down the advantages and disadvantages of both blogging platforms in this video and tells us which one is better for SEO.

Both have specific advantages

According to Matt Cutts, in terms of SEO – both blogging platforms are equally effective because it is the content that matters for getting higher search engine rankings. Although Matt works for Google – which owns Blogger, as he uses WordPress for his personal blog – he is able to give valuable advice in this video and is able to compare both platforms effectively.

Blogger is simpler to use and is a great tool for amateur bloggers as all the components and data on blogger platforms are stored in the cloud. This way, bloggers do not have to download software on their local systems to customize Blogger pages. As Matt points out, when users have to download and install software themselves, they often forget to update the software or patch it properly, leading to bugs and errors. This is also a major security concern as not patching software properly could lead to blogs being hacked.

On the other hand, WordPress offers a lot of flexibility and advanced bloggers can customize their blogs and posts according to their requirements. One of the most important benefits of WordPress is that bloggers can customize the URL of each blog post unlike in Blogger where the title of the post decides the URL.

Matt assures that both platforms work very well for SEO and if your blog posts have good inbound links and great-quality content then both Blogger and WordPress blogs can achieve high search engine rankings.

Use the platform you are comfortable with

Blogger is better for bloggers who are just starting out as all the information is stored in a cloud and users do not have to worry about getting hacked. WordPress does require more effort as users have a lot of customizations to make but it gives users a lot of power over their blogs and much more flexibility than Blogger so it is a good platform for experienced bloggers.

Matt concludes by saying that instead of worrying about which platform is better for SEO, users should choose the one they are more comfortable with as both platforms work equally well for SEO. If users want to change platforms later on then both Blogger and WordPress have export features that can be used to export all the posts and transfer them to another blogging platform. So users don’t have to worry about losing their blog posts. Watch this video to learn more about Blogger and WordPress and what else Matt has to say about these platforms.