5 Ideas to Create Irresistible Blog Content for Your Readers

Are you grappling with writer’s block while blogging about a meaningful topic? If yes, then you are not alone. Creating meaningful blog content is a challenge for all bloggers. As readers are becoming extremely choosy about the kind of content they consume, creating irresistible content for your readers is certainly not a piece of cake.

As social media is emerging as an essential marketing platform, the success of your online business depends largely on the kind of content you create. As a blogger, you cannot simply write because you want to write. Your blog content should create value for your readers and garner more links, shares, engagement and traffic on social media.

Creating blog content that your readers will love

Most writers ignore the power of catchy headlines. According to a study by Copyblogger, about 8 out of 10 people on average read the headline of a blog post, but only 2 out 10 will read the entire post. The title of your blog content greatly determines the effectiveness of your post. Although click-bait headlines are trending these days, you can add your own fun and interesting tweaks to your headline.

But the success of your blog post doesn’t solely depend on your headline. You need to create blog content that your readers will love. Here are a few ways to create irresistible blog content for your readers:

Create a curiosity in your readers

Your headline should create a desire in your readers to read your article. A catchy headline helps in getting more clicks on your blog because readers feel there is something useful for them in the article. You should focus on stimulating the desire to know more in your readers. It should tell them what to expect from your blog post so that the interest to read it lives through the process.

Be direct and straightforward

Content that addresses a problem and provides a solution thrives through the competition to garner more clicks. But a lot depends on how you write your blog content. Playing with words while writing is good, but keep them transparent and accurate is important. Address your reader directly and be very straightforward while providing a solution to their problem. Give your readers a chance to guess what’s there on the other side of the click.

Engage your reader with personal experiences

Trust is an important factor that drives success online. If you write an informative blog content featuring your personal experiences, you stand a chance to gain more readership. You can use real life examples that your readers can actually relate to. Moreover, personal experiences act as a hook and keeps readers interested in your blog content.

Use images

Images help your readers to absorb information faster by illustrating your blog content’s main theme clearly. Moreover, images makes it easier to share on social platforms like Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter and Google+. You can use a number of online resources that will help you in creating appealing images. Moreover, an image on your blog content makes it aesthetically appealing for your readers, thus garnering more attention and interest.

Focus on actionable content

Blog content that pushes readers to take action stand out from the rest. Since users visit your blog looking for a solution to a problem, they will look for information that can be easily executed. Starting from the headline, your writing should compel readers to take specific actions. Provide useful guides and information about something so that your reader finds you and your blog valuable.

Feature Image Credits: Freepik.com