Top 5 Chrome Extensions that Make Copywriting Effortless

Copywriting is an art, and the reason why copywriting is important is that you get to decide how an audience views the brand/company – this can be both, a blessing and a curse. Good copy is the difference between a successful, lead-generating website and its lesser-known competitor. This puts a lot of pressure on copywriters to get things right. Most copywriters have a bunch of tools handy to help them out, others use copy writing services to get the copy made for them. Chrome extensions for copywriters, on the other hand, are much rarer and sometimes, more valuable than regular tools for copywriters.

Here’s a list of 5 such extensions that can make copywriting a breeze:


Draft 2 work

  • Draft

Draft is a nifty tool that lets you take notes and create drafts by using the New Tab page as a notepad. All you have to do is click on a text area in any webpage and then the Draft extension button and a New Tab opens. This tab allows you to edit the selected text or create new text altogether. You can then directly paste the text back on the original page and save the edited version for future reference. You can also share the edited version with your team to get suggestions. Unlike Google Docs, you can choose whether you want to individually incorporate suggested changes into the master copy. This works wonderfully while writing just about anything from blog posts to emails. If you cannot edit the copy yourself, Draft gives you the option to “Ask a Professional” and get editing suggestions from a team of reviewers. You can again choose whether you want to incorporate the changes into the copy or not. It has a ton of other features – the Chrome extension is just the beginning.


Copymaker work

  • Copymaker

Copymaker is a Chrome extension that allows inline copy-editing on whatever webpage you’re viewing. You can literally go to any website and click on the Copymaker extension to start editing any text on the webpage. Once done, clicking on the extension again will stop the editing. You can then export all the changes you’ve made in the form of a CSV file, for sharing and collaborating. You can also translate web pages on the spot, to make editing even easier. The only downside to this extension is that it doesn’t work on full AJAX websites.


drumup work

  • DrumUp

Every copywriter needs inspiration for topics, themes, trends, etc. DrumUp is very useful for this. If you’re reading an article, clicking on the DrumUp Chrome extension opens up a drop-down menu with a list of up to 10 related articles. This helps copywriters research their niche thoroughly and gather material before writing. Although, the app is mainly used for social media and content marketing. For copywriters, it gives them the chance to learn from their peers and industry experts as it provides fresh, relevant content based on your niche and selected keywords on a daily basis. You can combine copywriting and content marketing with ease as the extension also lets you schedule articles directly from the drop-down menu.


nimbus work

  • Nimbus Screenshot and Screencast

Screenshots serve a variety of purposes for copywriters, they can be used to showcase what you’re referring to, or tools that you’ve mentioned in a blog post. Nimbus is the ultimate extension for taking screenshots of a particular page, only parts of it or the whole browser window. You can then edit the screenshots to add text boxes, drawings, patterns, arrows, and stickers. These screenshots can then be saved and shared in multiple formats. This is especially great for showing designers what you want to be changed in the copy. You can also resize and crop screenshots to suit your needs. If images aren’t convincing enough to meet your needs, you can even record screencasts to make sure you get your point across.


OneTab work



  • OneTab

As copywriters, we tend to have a ton of tabs open while we multitask throughout the day. More often than not, we tend to close valuable tabs simply because there’s too much clutter and not enough time to go through it all. OneTab is a Chrome extension that can be used to organize your links and avoid clutter. Before closing Chrome, clicking on the extension saves all the links to open tabs in a list that can be viewed at a more convenient time. OneTab gives you the ability to clear the clutter while still retaining the information. You can open the links from the saved list either individually or all together. You can even share links with others to make collaboration easier.

Chrome extensions aren’t as popular as many other tools and apps but the above ones could make life as a copywriter much easier. Professional copywriting is a must these days and not everyone can handle the pressure. If you’re feeling the pressure to get the perfect copy, feel free to check us out here.