Ten Reasons Why Hiring A Remote Content Writer Can Help You Grow Your Business

Almost all businesses have transitioned to an online model since March 2020. This is because it has become necessary for businesses to offer customers an online channel to survive the pandemic and fit in the new remote working setup. According to a Statista study, people spend an average of 147 minutes daily on social media.

Your website’s content and product descriptions are your main sales pitch now more than ever. Your website’s content determines whether a potential customer connects with you or leaves without buying.

A professional-looking and helpful website for your company is a great place to start, but it’s by no means the final step in spreading the word. Instead, consider your company website as a virtual headquarters where potential customers can learn everything there is to know about your goods, services, and overarching mission.

However, you won’t see many results if they can’t find your site or aren’t led there by another means. Therefore, content marketing is essential for increasing website traffic. If you’ve been in business for a while, you’re probably aware of how important content is when marketing your brand.

The customer’s attention can be captured and directed to your website with the help of informative, compelling content. It makes you a thought leader in your niche and makes your brand stand out on search engines.

Users regularly consume a variety of content types, including;


The most traditional type of content writing is blogging, which has repeatedly been shown to help grow your business’s online presence. A QuickSprout study found that blogs on websites increase traffic by 55%. Additionally, B2B businesses that regularly blog receive 67% more monthly leads than those that don’t.

Advertising aids in communicating your brand’s values and message to your target market. It involves creating memorable taglines, slogans, product descriptions, and more. Good copywriting necessitates intelligence, wit, and the ability to compress information into short, cleverly constructed sentences.

Social Media Posts

A boosted social media presence can help your business. However, creating social media content necessitates understanding how various social platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, operate. Additionally, it necessitates staying up to date with social media trends and the kind of content that works best on each platform.

Email Marketing
Email marketing is a reliable way to engage with loyal customers and keep them returning to your company. Email marketing works differently from other content forms. Using this strategy, you must ensure high email deliverability and regularly check SPF records. Here, you gently remind your audience of a brand they already know and love rather than educating them about a new product. There are several email marketing software to choose from.

Overall, writing content is an art that, to succeed, calls for a very strategic approach. You might not, however, have the knowledge or the time to devote to content writing what it deserves.

This is where having a dedicated remote content writer can assist your brand in growing and expanding its client base. You can also hire a virtual assistant for specialized content writing. This blog outlines why hiring a remote content writer benefits your business growth.

Ten reasons companies should hire a remote content writer for boosted growth

1) Professional-level writing

Writing is most likely not one of your areas of expertise, even though you may have started your business or know everything there is to know about it. An expertly written piece of content aims to engage and inform the reader while providing an inside look at your brand. In addition, a virtual content writing expert can efficiently and effectively market your business using technical insights such as SEO and Google Analytics.

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2) Cost-effectiveness

It is the most important and valuable factor on this list. As a newly established business owner, we know you have likely invested a sizable sum of money in your enterprise. Therefore, it makes sense that you might not have many resources to dedicate to your website’s content.

A virtual content writer typically works as a freelancer or is sourced by a platform like Wishup, and they are only paid for the time they spend producing content.

Furthermore, you can avoid extra costs associated with in-house employees, such as paid holidays and bonuses. Instead, you can effectively utilize the money you saved by hiring a remote writer to expand your business.

3) Digital marketing expertise

Professional content writing is required for an effective digital marketing strategy. Content writers understand how to use SEO to benefit your company. You can outsource the task to a virtual content writer who understands how to use search engines and strategies to get your content to the top of SERPs (search engine result pages).

4) Consistency

Writing good content involves processes, so it takes time and expertise. It may be difficult to uphold that gold standard while managing all your other obligations and failing to balance both as you fall behind in your business.

Consistently producing new content is one of the critical components of a successful content marketing strategy. You must frequently offer new content if you want your company to reach thousands of targeted audiences.

Hiring a virtual professional to create content can help ensure that you provide the content your audience is looking for. The most efficient way to ensure your business maintains its content consistency is to hire content writers who devote themselves solely to creating content. This allows you to maintain a high output level.

5) Enhanced engagement

All that you have to do is open any social media platform, and your feed will be flooded with various types of content. It is pretty simple to become disoriented in the sea of information available to us online.

However, 77% of marketers believe that social media marketing is a successful strategy for organically growing your brand. These days, publishing well-written content is no longer sufficient; it must also be immediately enticing enough to compel the reader to visit and re-visit your website.

So what distinguishes some content from the rest? First, a talented content writer can create intriguing titles that pique readers’ interest and compel them to read further.

Secondly, they also recognize that readers’ attention spans are constantly shifting, so they carefully break down the flow of their articles into brief, easy-to-read paragraphs to prevent readers from growing weary or overwhelmed by the volume of information.

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6) Analyzed market conditions

Having a virtual content writer can help you increase the effectiveness of your content creation efforts.

What is popular today?

What is changing?

What might happen in the future?

Remote content writers may monitor press releases or news articles for opportunities, potential threats, or general trends. They may also identify new potential distribution channels for you and investigate their viability.

7) More time to devote to your company

The goal of hiring a remote professional for content creation is to allow business owners to concentrate on their operations. So much energy is needed to run a business. And you do not have enough time to run a successful business and create high-quality content for it simultaneously. You won’t have to stress much about this when you hire a content writer.

8) SEO expertise

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is writing content that includes specific keywords to increase your content’s visibility on search engines such as Google. Using these specialized words sparingly throughout your article and inserting relevant links can boost your search rankings.

Creating a clever, click-worthy meta description that will entice readers to visit your website is also essential for SEO-based content. A remote content writer will be skilled at creating SEO-friendly content and can expertly knit these keywords into your content without over-selling them.

9) Thought leadership

You can either find exciting ways to highlight your work in blogs and social media posts or hire a virtual content writer to curate content based on fresh trends in your industry. Of course, the latter is going to benefit you more.

Customers will be highly likely to purchase from you and trust your services more if your website is well-informed and knowledgeable about your industry. Your brand needs a committed content writer to make your website appear credible and approachable to potential customers.

10) A different viewpoint

A remote content writer will also provide the advantage of bringing in new ideas. Virtual content writers begin by conducting in-depth research on the subject to produce high-quality and high-ranking digital content. Furthermore, hiring from a global talent pool will automatically expand the horizons for fresh ideas. Consequently, the credibility of your writing will increase if you adopt an objective stance.

A new viewpoint can give you new ideas for your company’s content planning and market positioning.


“Great content is the best sales tool in the world.” ~ Marcus Sheridan

Content writing is a vital marketing tool if used correctly. Simply put, your brand’s content is a potential customer’s first impression of your business, so you must ensure it’s a good one. In addition, you can demonstrate to your customers that you are aware of their needs, earn their trust, and provide them with something worthwhile with your product when you have a skilled content writer on your team.

If you wish to gain the most out of remote working and hybrid work culture, hire a virtual assistant for content creation. Virtual assistant services offer a more affordable, reliable, and up-to-date alternative than traditional content writers.

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With her academic background in journalism and mass communication, Shaurya works as a content writer for Wishup. She is someone who enjoys romanticizing the world in poetry while holding a camera and a pen in each hand.