Stand-Out with The Google Knowledge Graph

Imagine if the best search engine could understand exactly what you mean when you type in searches. What if Google could get you information from the internet by understanding the meaning of the words you type in instead of treating it as a random string of characters? This is exactly what Google is trying to do with its latest search engine technology called “Google Knowledge Graph”, which was released this year. With this technology, the search engine will be able to bring to you all the information and links – from the web – that are related to the search term.

This is a huge improvement considering that not so long ago, search engines only matched the search terms with content in websites. The knowledge graph collects and links all relevant data with search objects. There are many people who search for similar things and their searching patterns are analyzed and combined with the knowledge graph to boost your research. This change is now visible, as Google now places a panel with information relevant to the search term next to the search results.

How can you Use it to your Advantage

After the Penguin and Panda algorithm updates, this new search technique has added to the worries of businesses and online marketers. The new update shows that the search engine giant is fully committed to helping content that is written for people and not for search engine spiders. Businesses are realizing that it pays to hire good web content writers to create unique web content for their companies instead of using suspicious SEO techniques. The following tips will help writers create content that will be visible on the Knowledge Graph.

Emphasize Uniqueness

Pick out the unique aspects of the company – be it the company name, product names, famous people in the company, unique locations, etc. Describe these unique features in detail. This will ensure that the content or the website where the content lies will be connected to the unique search terms via the knowledge graph.

Follow a Structured Format

Make sure the data that is created is in micro formats. This can be done by using markup languages like HTML to format the data is such a way that the Google algorithms can easily understand and link it to relevant keywords or search terms. Micro data and micro formatting ensures that important and accurate information in the content pieces (and ultimately about the companies) are highlighted in the search results. This could in turn help the web pages find their place in the knowledge graph.

Strengthen Presence on Trusted Sources

The search engine giant relies on many trusted sources from which it gathers information. To improve your company’s online presence, make sure that you improve its presence on these trusted sources. Content should be customized according to these sources to improve its visibility during searches. Create a page for your company and its representative on Wikipedia and make sure to add good quality images with it. A Google+ profile for the same could also help improve web-visibility. Submit relevant web pages to review sites and online directories.

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