How To Effortlessly Find Irresistible Ideas For Your Blog

Have you ever looked at a big blog and wondered how they keeping coming up with great ideas constantly. The idea is where every blog post begins and it dictates how the rest of the blog post goes. If your ideas aren’t up to the mark, your post will appeal to fewer people and consequently hold you back. Good ideas als0 create the potential for your blog to go viral and here are 5 ways to find the best ideas:

  • Read as much as possible – Reading is the source of every writer’s inspiration. No one just sits down one day and writes a masterpiece out of thin air. For bloggers that aim to provide value to their readers, reading is a must. Read about anything and everything you’re curious about. If you have an idea for an upcoming  blog post, read about that idea as much as possible. Not only is it a great resource for research but it also allows you to build your own perspective and write accordingly. The thing about reading is that you never know what will cause a spark, so read as much as possible.
  • Convert non-text content into blog posts –  Seen a really cool YouTube video, or heard a mind-blowing podcast? Convert them into ideas. If the video, image or podcast is related to your industry and you are inspired, see how you can put your own spin on it on your blog. Don’t plagiarize, get inspired. This also applies to random content that you like, see if you can relate your blog/ industry  to the random content and bring them together.
  • See what’s worked for others – The big blogs in your niche or industry are clearly doing something right. Learn from them. Take a look at their blog posts, the topics they cover, if they have any patterns and so much more. You can also learn about how they market, talk to their customers and other aspects like design. No one method is perfect, there is always room for improvement so if you’re blog is doing well do not sit back and relax. Instead, learn as much as you can and improve if you feel the need to.
  • Analyze your own blog – Use tools like Google Analytics to identify content that has clearly resonated with your audience. These t0ols can provide valuable insights like which post users visited the most, how long they stayed for each post, how many people bounced off immediately. These show your audience’s interest in a more logical sense. When deciding what to write, analyze your entire site and see which pages users visit most. These services are the most likely to bring in customers so pick topics that revolve around them. While analyzing your blog, look at the comments and shares that you are getting. Comments gives you an insight on the customers view while shares let you know which social media site your customers prefer.
  • The internet – Look through social media, communities and forums on the web to get the latest trends and common problems for your readers. Use the questions and comments posted by users as a basis for creating ideas and topics. For successful content marketing, your blog posts have to build trust and loyalty with consumers. What better way to gain trust than to create content that helps them deal with their problems. Another place to look is the comments sections of popular blog posts. This way,  you get an instant idea of consumers are thinking about a topic. You can either take their comments into consideration when deciding your topic or you can ignore it. Either way, you have a ton of ideas about topics that you can work with.

Creativity and hard work are essential to make your blog successful. Ideas that are generated could keep you writing for days and garner positive audience reaction. This positivity will keep you motivated to write even more, thus creating a consistent cycle of creativity.

Image: Designed by Freepik