A Sneak Peek Into Social Fresh 2022 – And Some Bonus Tips to Boost Your Social Media Marketing Skills

The world of social media is everchanging, and to be a skilled social media marketer, it is important to stay on top of the latest trends. To stay in the loop about the changing trends in the industry and improve your social media marketing skills, there’s no better way than to learn from industry leaders at events and conferences. Attending these events gives you an opportunity to tap into the collective wisdom of the experts in your field. You might be able to discover new tools that will help you in accomplishing more with less. Conferences are also great network-building opportunities.

Social Fresh 2022 – A must-attend event for all social media marketers

Godot Media is partnering with Social Fresh 2022 – a social media conference for anyone who is trying to make an impact with social media marketing.

Social Fresh Conference 2022

The event is being held in Charlotte, North Carolina, from June 21 to 23, 2022. Social Fresh has been helping marketing professionals through education and training since 2008.

Attending this conference will give you an opportunity to learn from the real-life experiences of social media marketing leaders. The three-day conference schedule is jam-packed with educational sessions with over 20 industry experts.

Social Fresh 2022 aims to throw light on topics like developing content ideas, attracting new followers, increasing engagement, and understanding industry trends to help you deliver better social media results. During the conference, you’ll hear from representatives of several brands including:

  • Auntie Anne’s on improving your TikTok and Reels content strategy. Break through the online noise with short-form video that focuses on clear messaging and dynamic content.
  • Twitter on modern social video tactics. Get better engagement and reach with some small changes to your brand’s approach to social video.
  • Shopify on how to leverage a cross-platform stories strategy that delivers meaningful content to your audience.
  • Hulu on ways they evoke culture through content that provides clarity on what their values are and where they stand on the issues of today.

There are also sessions on opportunities and challenges that web3 and the metaverse present to social marketers. You get in-person networking opportunities with like-minded social pros across B2B and B2C companies, Fortune 500 brands, agencies, government entities, and more.

It is not every day that you get to learn how you can stay ahead of the always-changing landscape along with insights and best practices from 25+ industry leaders.

So if you haven’t done it already, register for Social Fresh 2022 right away (virtual passes also available).

Tips to improve your social media marketing skills

For effective social media marketing, it is important to develop and master some important skills. This is exactly what we’ll cover in the following sections, as we provide you with some great tips for improving your social media marketing skills.

1. Create and share content regularly

The more you create and share content, the more you polish your marketing skills. You get to understand what works and what doesn’t, and apply these insights to your social media content strategy.

A content calendar can help you with this. Using a content calendar you can create a schedule for all your different social media posts on different channels, making sure you are consistent in your efforts. If you haven’t used one before, a template social media content calendar can help you get started.

Here is an example of a very useful content calendar on Narrato. Narrato is a content creation, planning, and collaboration software that helps you create high-quality content, faster, for various channels including social media. On this content calendar, you can view posts scheduled for an entire month along with their statuses (new item, drafting, published, etc.) indicated by the color of each tab.

Narrato Content Calendar

An editorial calendar tool like this will help you stay on top of your social media strategy and also ensure that you continue posting regularly to sharpen your skills.

2. Make use of online resources

Using online resources like videos, blogs, and e-books, you can gain an in-depth perspective on the current social media trends. The tips and tricks extracted from these resources will help you in applying better techniques in your social media marketing efforts. The best online resources for learning more about social media marketing are –

  • Blogs
  • Ebooks
  • Social media communities
  • Online courses
  • Seminars
  • Webinars
  • Workshops
  • Podcasts
  • Online forums

3. Read good books on social media marketing

Good social media marketing books often contain a wealth of knowledge on the best practices of the industry. They essentially serve as guides for marketers who want to upgrade their social media marketing skills. These books cover a wide range of topics like content curation/creation, social media strategy and planning, and more. They also include the best practices for enhancing engagement and interaction. Reading some good books on the topic will help you learn new techniques and strategies for improving engagement rates.

If you are unsure which books to get, a quick search on Google or Amazon will show you the way. Read the reviews from other readers before making a purchase. This is where you are most likely to get honest opinions on a book’s worth.

4. Follow and observe prominent influencers in your industry

Influencer marketing is huge today and almost every brand relies on influencers as a mainstream marketing tactic in this world of digital-first. As a marketer too, there are lots of benefits to following your favorite influencers. These content creators or influencers have an engaged and dedicated following on social media platforms and they know how to promote brands/products for maximum brand recall.

By following and observing some of these prominent content creators in your niche, you will be able to learn their techniques. This includes what they do to engage their audience, what kind of content helps garner attention, what increases social media following, which trends they follow, and a lot more.

5. Learn and master data analysis

If you want to be a skilled social media marketer, you need to learn how to look at data, so that it can be turned into something actionable. Developing an understanding of both qualitative and quantitative data is essential for employing the best strategies for your social media marketing campaign.

This data can include market insights like which platforms your target audience spends the highest time on, which platforms drive the maximum traffic to your site, how your competitors are engaging with their audience, which brands are getting mentioned often, and so on.

6. Always strive for creativity

With the social media space becoming saturated, the one skill that can differentiate you from other marketers is creativity. You have to create valuable content that is buzz-worthy and exciting. But coming up with creative new ideas that will help your marketing campaign stand out is an effort-intensive process. To boost creativity in your social media marketing efforts try –

  • Creating multimedia content that is visually appealing
  • Developing innovative campaigns with a cause
  • Honing and expanding your brand’s persona and voice
  • Using humor and other emotional triggers in your content

Everyone has their own way of bringing creativity to the table, so find out what’s yours and keep experimenting.


Being the most lucrative marketing channel in the present day, social media requires a considerable amount of hard work and dedication. Your social media marketing skills and techniques determine how your brand performs across various social media platforms. With the useful tips outlined in this article, you will be able to improve your social media marketing skills and set yourself up for success.