5 Reasons to Schedule Your Tweets

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Twitter is one of the best social media marketing tools today as it allows you to get to the point and be creative at the same time. It also has a large user base and adds around 300,000 new users a day which means your content has the potential to spread even more widely.

Scheduling your Twitter posts gives you complete control over your content and makes life so much easier when handling a busy schedule. It also makes social media management more enjoyable.

There are mixed opinions regarding content scheduling and if you’re one of the naysayers then these points may change your mind.

Save Time

Most modern inventions were made to save you from performing mundane tasks on a daily basis. This goes for content scheduling as well. It saves a lot of time for your business and you can focus on more important tasks while your tweets are posted according to a predesigned schedule.

If you’re a social media manager then scheduling your posts can make your life extremely easy when you’re trying to juggle multiple accounts from different clients on various platforms. Scheduling is really important for time specific content like announcements, promotions and important updates. You don’t even have to be at your computer to tweet out a link, you could do it while in an important meeting or traveling, thus making your business more productive.

Scheduling also helps you take advantage of multiple time-zones as you can tweet at times when users are most likely to be online or depending on your client’s time-zone instead of tweeting according to your own schedule.

For example, if you have to post content for a client who is not in your timezone, then apps like DrumUp will help you schedule a tweet at your client’s time instead of you posting at odd hours yourself. You can use the DrumUp app to schedule your tweets consistently and without any hassle.

Engage in Real-time Conversations

The main advantage of Twitter is that it allows you to have real-time conversations with your followers. Twitter trends keep changing continuously so no matter what your business is about, you’ll have the chance to connect with your audience. If you can capitalize on a current trend or even create your own then your business is set to grow tremendously.

A good example of this would be Network Solutions who created GoGranny to mock competitor GoDaddy’s ads during SuperBowl 2011. The campaign used GoGranny on Twitter to tweet targeted messages that caught the eye of top influencers like Guy Kawasaki and Scott Monty.

This led popular bloggers from the #BlogHer campaign to participate and the campaign blew up with 3,000 retweets in 5 days and over 18 million impressions on Twitter alone. It became a trending topic and the company saw their sales increase by 500% during the SuperBowl weekend.

Achieve Consistency

Having consistent posts is key to the success of any social media campaign. It encourages your audience to engage with you and makes them more likely to spread the word about your company. Consistent posting can be easily achieved through content scheduling as you will never miss a post regardless of whether you’re busy with work at your office or are on vacation.

Make sure to stay in touch with current events to have a wider reach. You can also repost your links 2-3 times on Twitter using different forms like questions, quotes from the post itself or making a witty comment. Scheduling also lets you post as much content as you want at once be it 1 tweet or a thousand, meaning you can go on vacation and still update your tweets 5 times a day.

If you scheduled a post that isn’t relevant anymore, you can also edit or delete it before it is posted and replace it with another custom post using DrumUp.

Increase Visibility

On Twitter, the more you post and interact with your audience, the more your brand’s visibility increases. Scheduling your posts to be tweeted at a specific time will give you time to interact with your audience through retweets, favorites and hashtags, so you get the opportunity to post regular content while also tweeting about currently trending and relevant topics.

You can also build anticipation for an upcoming product/post by telling your audience when it will be available and then slowly build it up tweet by tweet until the product/post is released by scheduling your tweets accordingly. It is also less disruptive for your followers if they know when your tweets are coming, making them more likely to tune in.

Increase Web Traffic

If you’ve done your research and analyzed your website’s traffic then you probably already know a specific time when you get the most clicks. You can increase your audience by tweeting out the links to your website at these times specifically, but the problem is you might not always be available to tweet at these specific times. You can solve this problem by scheduling your tweets at optimum times of the day and in the process, ensure that your audience grows.

An example of this is Jack Shafer’s news cycle theory where he gave up tweeting news updates constantly throughout the day and instead opted to tweet at 3 crucial points in a day, when consumers were more likely to read the news. This helped him increase the popularity of his news column.


Scheduling your tweets can automate processes and give you time to do more in the same amount of time. You can also use this time to try new things and start new projects. It can change your content strategy for the better and make sure you reach your target audience.

Scheduling also helps you keep track of what is being tweeted and lets you edit errors immediately. Applications like DrumUp can help you reduce your Twitter management time by around 90% and take your social presence to the next level.

Image Credit: Designed by Freepik